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    Hybrid Rye

    As already mentioned, expensive seed, 3 growth regs and cheap fungicides/fert. Total VC no establishment £440/ha. 3.7t ac, 7 bales/ac (4x3, 450kg)
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    Combinables Price Tracker

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    Do the NFU IPM plan…. Simple and needed for RT audit.
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    Pool prices

    Harvest frontier feed wheat £165.34
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    Basis Classroom

    Yes!!! 🤦‍♂️🤢
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    Basis Classroom

    hi I had same problem, see below!
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    Whats wrong with my oats?

    Oats very delicate from most pgr s, looks like scorch!
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    Cereals Live Webinar BASIS and NRoSO points

    how many points/day can you claim? How do you claim your points from the webinars? Is there a code, test or registration per meeting?
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    Cherry Valley

    Hearing rumours that Cherry Valley are pulling contracts with growers, any else hearing this?
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    Contact finishing for Mosey pigs

    They keep you full, plenty of pigs in which even though they pay less per pig means you are as well off if not better off than others.
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    Liquid fert

    Neighbour on his wheats this am. Barley soon, 2WW earlier than normal!
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    Wheat seed rates

    325 s/m2 today
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    Liquid fert, is it worth it small farm?

    You won’t regret it....just go earlier than you normally do with solid!
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    Pig b&b /rearing.

    1400 pigs space there roughly for 7-35kg Generally 60p/pig/week. 8-10 week batch, 1 week empty.....ish! 07867 394476!