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    What to do?

    Depending on location, have you considered fodder beet? Sounds like you might be able to outwinter sensibly?
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    Poplar Trees/wood - any value ?

    Do you want any willow?🤞😃
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    Joint ventures.

    Sorry. Don’t think I can help like that Thought it might have helped your thread if people know the general geographical area you’re looking for work in.
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    Joint ventures.

    Bit far away from my area to know anything of any opportunities
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    Joint ventures.

    Whereabouts in the country are you?
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    Pension or property

    But wouldn’t you then have to pay CGT on the difference between bought value and deemed value on disposal?
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    Autumn manure banned

    Had a letter from them today re sewage application in the autumn. I’d need to re-read it but I think they’re saying as you’ve heard and ‘inviting’ you to justify the application through rb209
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    May I ask the approximate cost per head please?
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    Larsen trap call bird availability

    Not in the form of a register - as stated in the thread there are a few established schemes. Be time to start again soon - bear in mind the rules have been updated this year (possibly thanks to Mr Packhams input?)
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    Twin calf %

    Don’t think food supply or quality was different from previous years- if anything they ran a bit shorter this year with a few more cows and a drier summer.... they did have a fertility’boosting’ mineral lick though🤔 I’ll reserve judgment on it’s input until they’ve finished calving
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    Twin calf %

    Take the warning! Take the warning ! Makes me laugh
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    Twin calf %

    No. Not a new bull. We’ve always had a few twins and I expect the % will drop as calving continues but was surprised at how many so far The cows are Simmentals and I think they’re more inclined to throwing twins?
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    Twin calf %

    Whilst we haven’t finished calving yet, we currently have 15% twins. Seems a lot to me. Wondering if others were seeing more twins than usual or just us, or what might explain an increase?
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    Frost Drilling

    Do it reasonably regularly here, on the chalk. Maybe a year in three or four perhaps? Considered it this week but if anything the frost is currently too hard here and couldn’t break the clods down enough
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    Silage / Straw / Hay Price Tracker

    Think there was some in Symonds and Sampsons sale today- maybe a call to see if it sold? Or if they have any for next month?