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    CNH 250kg wheel weights

    yes, I’ll get you a picture
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    Matrot electric side knife.

    I’ve got a Garford
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    Best bat - wing topper ?

    Have a look at a Major Cyclone. I’ve a 5.5m one which is good and takes very little driving
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    Growing Triticale / Oats

    I’ve got triticale and winter oats, SE Shropshire
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    @CopperBeech ask away. DM if you prefer
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    Bundled diesel bowser

    I’m looking for an extra bowser ready for this harvest. Ideally 2-5000lt towable but other sizes considered or transportable tank that I can put on a trailer.
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    Nitrogen replacement late in the day on growing crop

    Umbilical slurry and then some nitrogen fixing bacteria from plant works maybe?
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    Cheap fert?

    Blend screenings are basically the dust and spills from around a blending or bagging plant. I’ve had some in the past , sold with no spec and I had it analysed myself at 9.10.10, paid about £70/t in 2019 It depends what has be running through the plant what you end up with.
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    Easy to hire cherry picker

    I decided to buy one a year ago. It’s been very useful
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    Spreading Fibrophos

    I have this for sale if anyone is interested.
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    Geofolia…. Gatekeeper….. or Something Else.

    I’m on Geofolia which is very easy to use. It’s got a full desktop version and an app for in field recording. It’s not perfect but very useful. Having 10+ stock centres will be quite expensive I guess
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    Insurance, want to leave NFU, recommendations please ideally Glos

    Barpax in Worcester have been pretty good.
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    ELMS terms & conditions re Red Tractor

    I asked this exact question in one of the recorded Q&A sessions and Janet replied that there were no plans to use an outside organisation like Red Tractor to monitor and inspect.
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    Sumo DTS advice

    From my observations locally a Mzuri takes a lot more pulling largely due to the winged leg. Otherwise a nicely made and well supported product. I have had a DTS for 6 years.
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    £240 Jan