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    Disgraceful that John Deere turning blind eye to JD gps system thefts.

    I have thought about getting some one with a 3d printer to make a different coloured dome with post code name etc molded in to the plastic. If it was possible. And maybe some sort of tracker molded in as well
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    Live stock incinerator for sale

    Sorry long gone. Found them to expensive to run cheaper to use knacker man.
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    Straw raking

    Never got around to raking .the stubble have greened up on there Owen fortunately .
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    Is linseed a good break crop

    I will not grow it again. 2 years disaster. The pods have not filled. Only grow it if rape fails or can't be drilled. The profit is in selling you the seed
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    Anyone still growing JB Diego?

    Never failed! Never matched! Haven't found any other variety to match it's consistency .
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    Sumo Strake (stubble rakes)

    I had not seen one before .Did wonder why no other rake manufacturers used that type of tines. Have been offered a 2nd hand sumo .
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    Sumo Strake (stubble rakes)

    Is a sumo stubble rake a good machine? Are others better? Looking to get a chit of wheat and sterile broom before Dd winter barley. Or is a light pass with express a better option?
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    Straw raking

    Trying to improve and speed up the process. Last year there was limited time between harvest and drilling.
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    Straw raking

    They would pull any lose straw to the head lands surely.
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    Straw raking

    I have a problem with volunteers ! Mainly wheat in the winter barley. I am thinking of stubble raking to increase the germination . But this goes against the idea of not moving any soil before direct drilling. We are in the 3rd year of dd and volunteers are becoming an issue. Or is there a...
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    Mini loadall

    We run a kramer 1245 brilliant machine! Punches well above it's weight 2015 model 4000 hrs it has had 1 electric fuel pump and an issue with the smart handling system all sorted. Every body's favourite machine for beding up and pallet work around the yard .the main work is mucking out old...
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    Csx 7080 NH combines!

    Seen a csx 7080 for sale are they any good? Cutting 600ac
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    DD an idiots guide please!

    Run a 4m sprinter on 2in vos openers un even depth is a big problem .
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    Mig welder fault

    Yes has a switch .it is in normal position. Checked wires etc
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    Mig welder fault

    We have a tec arc mig and when release the trigger the wire continues to feed out .it will stop if you press trigger again quickly. It a pain any suggestions please