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    Kids Quad

    I went through this 5years ago bought a new Honda 90 quad £1600 + vat . I looked at loads of 2nd hand crap at £600 . I could probably sell it now and get £1400 for it.
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    Looking for fresh spray tractor man enough to 4m direct tine drill.

    Jd 6155r. I run a 4m sprinter .also spray with amazone mounted + front tank 3000l .a lovely place to spend the day.
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    Tyre Kickers

    Sold a pick up in York sale. I was very pleased with the price . I have sold on Facebook some times good some times bad .the tyre kickers usually start at about 9pm .
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    seed prices and availability

    I have never grown it before. I only needed some seed because some home saved "blend" was not good enough to keep.
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    seed prices and availability

    I rang around just asked what was available. Was offered exstase but already have enough exposure to it. Costello was available due to there seed tonnage had dressed out better than expected so it was bagged and ready to go. After reading on here people struggling to get seed delivered it would...
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    seed prices and availability

    Just dropped lucky I did ring around and other varieties available at 2 + weeks due mainly to haulage.
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    seed prices and availability

    Ordered some wheat castello at 10.30am Monday delivered 1pm Tuesday. shop local the answer
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    Farm saved seed

    Grow farm saved blend
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    Spring Linseed Yields 2021?

    Our yellow linseed may have done 450kg ac pods did not fill did not like the dry spells. Had 66ac on light land . It was drilled on 250mm row width I think this to wide for linseed.
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    Competition web site's! Has any one won!

    It amazing that they all have good reviews on trust pilot. They probably run a few machinery Web sites on the side.
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    Competition web site's! Has any one won!

    Any one an Irish prize?
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    Competition web site's! Has any one won!

    Hundreds! You could win 1 for£10.99!! Good odds only 60% sold.
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    Competition web site's! Has any one won!

    There is a lot of raffle sites on Facebook etc and some wonderful cars etc to be won. Most appear to be based in Ireland. The prizes mostly stop their. Nearly a draw every night for a hi end prizes often a £50.000. Car with only 60% sell out. They must be the biggest scam out there. Any one...
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    Disgraceful that John Deere turning blind eye to JD gps system thefts.

    I have thought about getting some one with a 3d printer to make a different coloured dome with post code name etc molded in to the plastic. If it was possible. And maybe some sort of tracker molded in as well
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    Live stock incinerator for sale

    Sorry long gone. Found them to expensive to run cheaper to use knacker man.