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    Bashall post knocker

    Looks like a Quantock, not a bad machine, does the job, pivot pins are a bit soft and wear easy, but the rest of the machine is plenty strong enough.
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    Loaded up and trucking!!
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    Welding broken digger arm

    Here's how the Russians do it.
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    TV Farming Here's one if any of you are interested, it follows some of the farms on the Elenydd mountains during gathering.
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    Crop Failure

    2012 mid Wales... Got married on the first may bank holiday, weather was ok, dry but nothing special, neighbour got married last may bank holiday, nice weekend, bit of sun, mate got married last weekend of October, nice sunny day, frost next morning. Apart from these days, the royal Welsh week...
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    National Food Strategy

    They do in Wales, or our school seems to anyway. They have a small bottle every afternoon brake.
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    Aggressive cow and calf

    Give em a magnesium lick to go at, if that doesn't work, get rid.
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    Loaded up and trucking!!

    It'll be alright..... as long as you remember about it.
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    Parts for ECE spreaders.

    Try these.
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    Can be quite nasty for children, so keep kids well away from it.
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    The squeeze on milk and meat continues...

    Need to show all the clever dicks this then.
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    What car/truck takes 3 child seats in back?

    We got a 2,5 and 7 yr old in the back of a Hyundai santa fe. Its not all down to the car, there's child seats, and there's child seats, some are massive things which will take up half the car, and some a lot smaller, so choose wisely keeping child safety in mind.
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    We got the same here, bought it about 5 years ago to go on the straw chopper, tx cab, just clocked 15000 hrs, still starts at a flick of the key. Something quite nice doing a job on a nice summer's day with bothe doors flung open and a nice breeze pulling through.
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    What model is she?