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    How heavy

    70-80kg is my guess - book them in.
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    Hampshire pigs

    Not now but when breeding we used Hampshire X sows put to Large White boars (outdoors). Good all round, Hardy, stocky boars. Pietran - not so tasty. Hampshire onto Hampshire not as prolific?
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    New season lamb too expensive (for butcher)

    I definitely would have a few on the hook but looking like your a bit far now to these necks of the woods.
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    New season lamb too expensive (for butcher)

    He's a business man and the price was above his cut off point, so he wasn't going to make a profit, and was better off utilising his time on other products that would turn a profit that week? Sounds reasonable enough? For all we know the customer might want a single neck fillet from the lamb...
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    New meat processing plant (raw pet food)

    That looks fantastic, well done and all the best with this venture. I bet its been quite some work and your looking forward to getting started with production? Will you still be doing your other meat as before or will you be solely focusing on the pet food now?
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    Getting a council farm

    Sorry to hear you didn't succeed this time. Its bad luck but it will make you more experienced and determined for the next opportunity. Do you know how many applied for the tenancy and do they come up often in your area?
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    Vension for 500 people...

    I too would say if you wanted to use your own venison to go down the venison sausage or burger route. This will allow whole carcass utilisation and to make a decent venison sausage/burger you will need a bit of pork back fat - this will help bring the cost down marginally as venison is a more...
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    Selling lambs deadweight, how does it work?

    And if you sell any dead stock to one of the local abattoirs if you could let me know, as I would be interested in having a couple.
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    Selling lambs deadweight, how does it work?

    Would be well interested in trying. How would you say they differ to anything else?
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    Best Plastic recycling company

    Who's best to look at in Hampshire? Could do with a skip type drop off to fill (all loaded into tipping tailer at the moment) - cut up water pipe, iodine barrels, plastic feed hoppers etc. Cheers.
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    Venison/ game

    Try local farm shop/butchers shop. Search - Pynes of Somerset, they won butchers shop of the year and I believe are not too far from Taunton.
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    What do you eat for lunch

    Another go to when hungry, is either a pint or a litre of full fat milk. A great, nutritious, liquid lunch.
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    Pig based plastic waste recycling

    Hi, Hampshire based. I have an amount of material I need collecting off a farm - largely polypipe (which I am breaking up into small lengths), plastic drinkers (ex dairy iodine tubs etc), plastic feed hoppers and such like. Any suggestions on who's best to use and how it needs to be packed...
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    What do you eat for lunch

    Don't knock it till you try it - tuna and cold baked beans (mixed up together, maybe a dollop of mayo). No need to keep chilled as tinned, good for you and extremely filling.
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    Sausages now ok

    Thanks. Greenfield Farm Shop/Pork Products. Facebook is current if you do that. Website waaay outdated - major job for New Year.... Bang goes any anonymousness on here. Haha. Were farming and still hope to be able to rear own stock if it makes sense again but all meat bought direct from local...

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