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    Gator/Buggy elderly farmer

    The new Can Am Buggy has a road and a land gearbox so you will not be thrashing on the road like the old buggies. I do not know where you are based but a dealership at Louth in Lincolnshire is now marketing them and have changed from there old franchise to the new one as they are half the...
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    The positive news youtube thread

    @JP1 Watched this morning. Two Mills got some advertising in!! Trailer and Banner spotted. Lincoln Red mentioned twice, who was it that competed there. I think I spotted an animal at one point. WB
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    Little Mr John Bercow (not 'Lord' or 'Sir')

    I would even drop the Mr !! WB
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    The rise and fall of the Supermarkets

    Yes!! WB
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    "Project fear" proven right....GOVERNMENT WASTES NO TIME IN SHUTTING DOWN UK FARMS!!!!

    @Cowabunga I farm grassland you can not do anything else with(Yes, even in rural Lincolnshire.) I am as interested as you as to how they are going to benefit livestock farms. WB
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    "Project fear" proven right....GOVERNMENT WASTES NO TIME IN SHUTTING DOWN UK FARMS!!!!

    @Chris F I wish I was a fly on the wall at that meeting, I am sure you and Clive can ask some pointed questions to get a bit out of them. There are many farmers looking very carefully at there bank balance or lack of it. We are scared of doing something that will jeopardise future payments. We...
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    Party when we leave ?

    @Hindsight The Rank organisation was a British Instituition!! Maybe it would upset wee Kranky!! WB
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    Party when we leave ?

    @uztrac !! I would thought it could be English Sparkling wine with a good piece of native rump steak on your plate, with Norfolk tates and Norfolk carrots and Parsnips.!! WB
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    Oxford Real Farming Conference

    Sorry Guy,(Have had a Particularly rough week!!) I know you all work hard but the PR side of the NFU really needs looking at. Livestock keepers feel particularly hard hit at the moment as no one seems to counter the Vegan publicity. We really need to show how well looked after our stock is...
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    Oxford Real Farming Conference

    @warksfarmer @Guy Smith That's exactly what we need and if the NFU won't do it for us with OUR MONEY then we should with draw that money to do it with someone else. Don't get me wrong I am still very pro NFU, for c####t sake I worked for them for a spell!! .They are not now doing there job, we...
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    Lamma 2020

    @Lincs Lass I know your part of the world relatively well as I was at school at BGS many moons ago with the Wood's Day's and Bill Davey!! WB
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    Lamma 2020

    @Lincs Lass Yes Bowsers are still at Scremby! Hugh was at college with me on the Management coarse at Riseholme! WB
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    Lamma 2020

    @Ramrod Paul!!! No , My Farm is the other side of the road to Staples!! WB
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    Lamma 2020

    No I'm just the other side the A158 where you turn to Spilsby! But I know who you mean well!! I breed Lincoln'S WB
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    Monbiot's TV show.....Apocalypse Cow: How Meat Killed the Planet

    Cummins is a Farmers Son. Maybe he ought to start his cull in DEFRA and associated organisations!! Why does our Government not stop supporting countries that grow tobacco and other associated products for a start and Publicly state that what comes in to this country below our standards will be...

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