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    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    I understand you had a quake in NZ. How are things? WB
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    Groundswell 2021

    I appreciate your difficulty. But Lincolnshire is one of the major arable counties and if the push towards more nature friendly farming is to continue surely it needs to be considered. You are also excluding some manufacturers of good British kit and and products because of the clash. One week...
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    number plate

    The OAT plates were both owned by Mornflake at one time.!! WB P.S I have had them in my yard many years ago.
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    Groundswell 2021

    @martian I have posted on another thread that Groundswell always clashes with the Lincolnshire Show. Now, I know it is difficult, but there are many young and active farmers in the County that act as stewards for the 2 days of the show and more that are working on the stands. Could the date be...
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    Groundswell 2021

    Totally off topic! A few years ago when Sanderson's were on the go. We hosted the Horncastle and Coningsby ploughing Match. Sanderson's came with a lorry load of there forklifts for there stand. Happily unloading on the main roadside in October they parked said forklifts by the lorry on the...
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    What events?

    @Clive I did not know where to put this!! PM me if you wish. But speaking to several people in Lincolnshire. They would love to have a look at Groundswell but are committed to either stewarding or working at our County Show which is always on the same two days. Now Lincolnshire is a big County...
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    fertilizer crisis

    Technically, Farmers can not trade fertiliser !! WB
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    fertilizer crisis

    Genuine question. How much less fertiliser do you use in a regen system? @Clive Is this a way of forcing us down that route? WB
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    Stirling Bull Sales - Lincoln Red catalogue

    Without the temperament!! WB
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    Regen Ag book recommendation please

    Also some very interesting videos on the Groundswell show site/Utube. WB
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    Regen Ag book recommendation please

    Do you get direct driller magazine? I am NOT a direct drill man YET. But some fabulous articles in it and one by our dear leader @Clive !! You could get it and pass it round! WB
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    Countryfile tonight

    Some of the robotics was the university of Lincoln developed stuff at Riseholme and in the south of the county. WB
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    Agriculture as we know it

    Just a thought. We have just had our Harvest Festival today. One of the families taking a great interest in how our little village and church functions a Barrister/QC and his wife and daughter. His 2 sons are already at Oxford and Cambridge. His daughter is just starting her 6th form and was...
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    29th March Britain leaves EU

    2 Lincoln Red steaks already in the freezer for Christmas dinner, joint of LR Topside in the freezer for entertaining and another joint about to be purchased for another meal with friends. Who needs meat from another County or Country!! Support Local, Buy Local. WB P.S. we have just had the most...
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    Im moving to Orkney, 1st time small holder - Gimme that knowledge

    Good small herd of Pedigree Lincoln Red's on Sanday. So there should be some quality beef about. WB