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    Lack of Small Abattoirs

    So the chief vets excuse for being asleep at the wheel could be summed up as, “I get lots of e-mails, perhaps I should of looked at some of them”. :mad::rolleyes:
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    Hand care

    Yes, stopped using both and started using alternatives some time ago on medical advice. Reading the back of a washing up bottle can be quite a scary experience!
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    Hand care

    Stopped using liquid soap some time ago, gone back to using bar of soap for hand washing. My hands are nowhere near as dry and chapped as they used to be, was always slathering on vast quantities of hand cream on before, to no avail, presently using Wrights coal tar soap, old fashioned, but...
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    Mushrooms anyone?

    +1 for shaggy ink cap.
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    Agriculture as we know it

    I would worry more about the food section of the above if I hadn’t read some of the other sections, as in “all shipping to cease”, and everything else is to be powered by electricity, which will be generated by wind and solar, which can‘t supply anything like we consume now, so how is the extra...
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    Tim White

    Congratulations, well deserved recognition for hard work and innovation.
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    Calf sizes from different bulls

    Not all AA bulls throw small calves, and whatever cows you use him on will chuck their own genetics into the mix. What are your breeding aims? Where are you going to sell what you produce, does this bull meet the requirements for the market you are aiming for?
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    Wasps 2021

    Plenty of wasps here, as mentioned, seem smaller and more aggressive than usual, probably because we don’t have any apples or any other fruit this year for them to get their late summer sugar rush from. Himself was unlucky to disturb a huge nest while strimming, cue stings, shouting, and a great...
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    Boris a joke

    To all those who believe the title of the thread that Boris is a joke, think again, his “bacon sandwich” replies are not a sign of ignorance and bluster, it seems to me that it is a clear signal that farming for food production, and livestock farming in particular, have no place in the blond...
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    Vets /Doctors

    If you've Got an ouchy finger or a sore tooth here, the triage nurse at the GP surgery tells you to go to A&E....
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    Roger Hallam - XR

    Who is financing these groups? If Mr.Hallam isn't growing and flogging his organic carrots to keep the wolf from the door how is he making a living? I can see that some of the protesters are not obviously short of the means to live, either off the state or Mummy and Daddy or an index-linked...
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    Skills Shortage Will This Story Ever End?

    Bit off topic, but, himself had football on last week, West Ham playing somebody foreign? Jarrod Bowen came on as a sub and the commentator mentioned that Jarrod was born and brought up in Herefordshire, and had returned to Herefordshire for the summer break. He also said that when the players...
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    100,000 pigs to be destroyed

    So, are the pig and poultry producers cynically being used as pawns in an engineered crisis, not that that would ever happen (see page 94, ‘fuel crisis’), in order for bigger fish, (sharks), higher up the food chain to keep/obtain cheap foreign labour?
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    Skills Shortage Will This Story Ever End?

    What is wrong with those jobs, or any of the actual, practical, someone has to do the real grafting jobs? If I had children I would be happy for them to be working and earning a living at whatever they were good at and enjoyed doing.