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    Stealing food to solve the food crisis.

    This is very common practice. Meat and coffee are the most stolen items. You’d be amazed how many steaks A determined drug addict can hide on them. They are then sold either in pubs or door to door on a nearby estate for quick cash. I remember years back a shop we were working on the manager...
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    Local Crime Waves

    Sadly this is common all over the uk. I had a drugged up looking driver threatening to stab me on the m25 last week. I accidentally pulled out on him as he was going so fast he came out of nowhere. There was no police available to attend but the nice lady on 999 could guide us to the nearest...
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    Having pickup windows blacked to stop prying eyes.

    Surely it’s better sense to just get your border terrier a Rottweiler? On a serious note If your talking about having your rear canopy windows tinted I would also install mesh internally.
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    Dress to impress

    The dirty boots things a bit disrespectful, but the clothes aren’t a problem at all. We’ve a local farmer I’ve often had the misfortune of following around the co op with rather short shorts on that obviously ripped wide open some time ago. Damn good job he wears boxers underneath else I’d have...
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    Easy to hire cherry picker

    I was on the understanding the override was just to lower and no good if over a structure. Is this true?
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    Easy to hire cherry picker

    I’ve no idea on the legalities but certainly 10 years ago when I briefly lived in a top floor flat the management committee had to pay a self employed handyman to gain his tickets else the hire company wouldn’t Even deliver a lift. In this day and age where a pasty shop can be sued for not...
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    what grinds your gears

    Apple and rhubarb crumble is planned, I’m incredibly nervous not to burn it at that cost lol
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    what grinds your gears

    Paying £6.10 for 3 small sticks of rhubarb….. I forgot Valentine’s Day so I’m hoping to offset at least £5 of the expenditure
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    Storm Eunice

    If only the ice cream van wasn’t from north Devon 🤣
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    New kitchen

    I wasn’t brave enough to go for the dark blue doors and went for the olive green instead last year. Seeing yours makes me doubt my decision now
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    what grinds your gears

    I was following a multi deck sheep carrier on a low loader this morning. No signs of the driver doing anything wrong but if the guy pushing his elderly wife in a wheelchair hadn’t pushed both of them into the ditch they both would have ended up flat as a pancake. couldn’t have been more than a...
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    old air rifles still in use

    Wish I’d taken your advice when I asked this a few years back. PCP’s are an expensive game
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    weather proofing a house?

    We’ve just done the exact same at a mates place yesterday morning for 2 long eared bats that fortunately weren’t in the roof when we took it off The scaffolding was perfect as you would expect full containment to be, with a corrugated tin roof and thick plastic sheeting on the side.
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    Farm Office in Shed

    Have you enough room to drag a pre-fab unit in? I have used Heaver Brothers up by the airport a few times in the past. The thing I really liked was it’s always an asset you could sell on
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    Can air or ground source heat pumps work in old buildings?

    I had a purpose built eco friendly house with air source heat pump. It was ridiculously expensive to run and annoying to live with. Had I of stayed in that house my plan was to remove the air source and install an oil fuelled boiler