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    The never-ending tunes thread

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    Ok Typical spokesperson for the fire brigade very correct and only talks about the facts relating to the accident What has happened What the response was And the accident will be investigated by the police He did mention that the implement touched one of the trees but didn't say it was the...
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    Another bad year for celebrities

    @Bald Rick sorry sir wrong thread to try and pick up jokey likes 😐
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    @Bald Rick forget the ausie slapper and post 50 pics of the gorgeous Nigella :love: Max
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    International 956 xl

    @Yanaco2 Get it bought ;) There's only one better tractor and that is a 1455xl (y)(y)(y)(y) Max
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    Another bad year for celebrities

    @Al R Thank you sir sometimes I forget not everyone can read German Max
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    Another bad year for celebrities

    Not interested in footballers and pop stars But thought it would be of interest to the agricultural community. Being reported in the German press that Helmut Class passed away yesterday Max...
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    The never-ending tunes thread

    Bugger beat me to it :banghead: Prefer this version A happy new year and keep the tunes coming (y) MAX
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    @daven Bit of a sick post there must be a bayern thing. In Sachsen anhalt we seem to have accepted the situation and are just getting on with it or was your post just typical wessie scheiß???? Frohes Neues Jahr Glück auf Max
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    Depends if she dropped one like a dead rat then pinned you under the duvet to get a real taste :oops::rolleyes:
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    1980's wages

    Started working for the NCB at hem heath colliery in September 1982 as a mining tech trainee, first weeks wage was 112 pounds and 75 pence God did I laugh at all those snot nosed tw#ts I went to school with who were all signing up on the YTS for 25 quid a week For some reason I was at a school...
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    The meme thread

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