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    Best rated Wellies Been wearing these for years but mostly I prefer to wear these as I have a broken big toe not healed properly and like the extra support...
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    Rocket Man

    I think you missed an important point. The difference between the old 'rocket' packs and this one is that it is a 'jet' pack. It uses the air as an oxidiser instead of carrying one. That gives the improvement in endurance.
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    Future trends

    I reckon Cowabunga has read this already but I'll just draw your attention to it again. 'By 2030, the number of cows in the U.S. will have fallen by 50% and the cattle farming industry will be all but bankrupt. All other livestock industries will...
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    Very Urgent.What should I do with this Email?

    A significant discount then!
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    Very Urgent.What should I do with this Email?

    164.49 per week?!!!
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    Mowing before/after rotaional grazing.

    A biannual top is not too constantly I think. I'm all ears about a 'different method'.
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    Stock fence suppliers

    Certainly do. The corner posts and stays are also very like the ones I've used.
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    Different expectations on a family farm

    I met a chap who worked in the city and lived in Portsmouth. I was amazed to find he drove to work every day when there is a good train service. When I met his wife I understood why!
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    Mowing before/after rotaional grazing.

    I have 3 small fields where blackthorn would take over if not topped down every year.
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    Mowing before/after rotaional grazing.

    For nettles and thistles I always look at wiping as the first option, bearing in mind that wiping is a multiple pass operation, not do once and forget.
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    Agriculture bill amendment prohibiting application of pesticides near human habitation

    The buffer zone for watercourses and Asulox is 90 metres.
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    There was a field near here which had been, to my knowledge, pp for 50 years and probably 10 years longer since the war. A new guy took over the farm and ploughed and reseeded with the usual grass mix plus forage rape. The field was yellow like osr with charlock.
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    That's what I reckon.
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    5 Exciting Technologies Changing Farming Right Now

    One of the stands in LAMMA 2020 had a video of one of their hoes working in cabbage plants. As a mountain farmer whose high tech is buying a petrol driven jackhammer to put posts in I found it fascinating. My friend who is an allotment holder was even more taken by it. Can't remember the...
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    Urban myths

    A ( y ) ear and a half.

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