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    Inverter welder question

    When they first come out, they were going pop left right and center as they need a good continuous supply to run, which you don't really get from a generator. Not sure if they have sorted the problem or not yet? Probably an idea to contact the manufacturer and ask. Find more information here
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    Recommend me a basic welder...

    Hobart Handler 140 mig to start. Most folks would say start with stick welding then mig to tig. I've stick and gas welded in high school auto shop 30+ years ago and haven't done any welding since so I'm in a relearning mode
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    MIG Welder Recommendation for Farm Workshop Duty

    if you are welding too close to your material or you are building up too much heat the tip of the wire can actually weld itself onto the tip of your welding gun. This looks like a little blob of metal at the tip of your gun and you'll know when you have this problem because the wire won't come...

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