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    One dealer used to kiss the luck I gave him. Not seen anyone spit on it. Buyers surely will bid a bid more if they know you give luck. No skin off their's who they're buying for that pays....and they pocket the cash.
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    Ideas for YFC first meet

    Oh I don't know 🤔 10 year olds know way more nowadays than I did when I was 10. Likewise it seems a lot of twenty-somethings are loathe to grow up 🙄 10-26 is a huge age range, but it always seemed to work for us. The oldest look to the youngest, making sure they get home safely, and are included...
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    Fuel price tracker

    56.70 for 5000l red, delivered Thursday
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    Abattoirs and iodine (sheep)

    It's severe on the maggots.....
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    Abattoirs and iodine (sheep)

    There's nil withdrawal on topical iodine, and the head will be skipped anyway.
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    Thanks Saputo

    "Our commitment remains to expand our footprint in the dairy alternatives space to meet the changing demands of our customers and consumers. This investment marks an important milestone that will allow us to accelerate our growth in this area globally, putting innovation at the forefront of our...
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    Speaking out for Small farmers.

    I was a feed rep back in the day. Straight out of college and sent out on the road with no customers. My boss said he'd rather have lots of little orders than a few large, because the big customer leaves a big gap if they go. I picked up lots of smaller customers that the big feed firms weren't...
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    Sunday morning sinking feeling !

    Neighbour rang me on Tuesday night to say he'd turned some stock out and one of his suckler calves had cleared the fence into our wood, and would I look out for it? I'm checking the sheep an hour later, and spots the offender in our mowing ground. A few fences later, and I have her back in the...
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    At ground level, it might sound obvious, but try to do it as it happens. At the end of each milking I think "what just happened?" 🤪 and have a couple of minutes putting it in Dairyplan-calved, served, dried off, tubed etc. You soon forget if you don't keep up. I also have a quick look at who's...
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    Guess the sire

    Can't let that go unnoticed.......😁😍
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    Guess the sire

    Belted Galloway 🤔
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    Guess the sire

    Highland? 🙃🐮
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    We had this last year, and like you I ignored them too. Then got an email from our Manager... "You should have had an email and/or letter from NatWest requesting you update ‘Your Business Profile’. This is something that the Financial Regulators are driving and Banks are required to ensure...
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    Water usage

    £1.75 with Water Plus. Equates to £17k on above usage 😲💧💦🌊
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    Marker pen for cattle tags

    Did they ever go in? 😁