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    Knipex Pliers Wrench(es)

    Would a metric shifter not be as good with the added advantage that it doubles as a hammer too
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    Strange Harrow ! Any ideas ?

    Paddy harrows we called them knock them down with paddy harrows for weed control then drill them back up with drill Plough once plant peeped through, maybe drill them up again once or twice for weed control until canopy took over seemed to be fairly effective for little cost. Destoners came...
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    Rotovator recommendations

    Tidy machines
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    Claas diesel tank

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    Low loader Floor

    Softwood is ok to use and better grip than hardwood too, proper hardwood is very slippy when wet. Softwood needs to be thicker at least 40mm thick My trailer is steel floor with rubber matting bolted on each side where digger sits and last trailer was softwood floor with rubber too and no probs...
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    Deutz engine valve clearances vibration

    Changing oils ain’t gonna make much difference so rocker cover of I reckon
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    Webb turnip seeder seed cell spacings

    Millions of years since I used a Webb but there must be a number on cell wheel (B6 at a guess) and I seem to recall something on seed bag but that was probably the B designation which is seed size. Failing that run the drill and see? Should be able to find seed if you pull in top link a bit
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    Cobo double D socket

    Your local motor factors or hgv factors will stock them sometimes called a d socket
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    Accord ESC drill control box

    £100 plus post??
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    MCPA after lime

    No reason why not I would anyway
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    Could you employ 174 people on 240 acres?

    Am I missing something or being thick? 240 acres for all that 🤔🤔
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    Getting bearing off

    Good tool used to have something similar but 9 times outta ten in Agri situation it was hopeless but in a cleaner environment eg not so much rust it would do the job
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    Getting bearing off

    If you have gas burn out some of the balls,, lift shaft with that jack you have there and the rest of balls will fall out letting you remove housing then wash off the centre bearing casing from shaft or grind it off. If no gas available just destroy what’s left of bearing cage to move the balls...
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    Grass reseed

    Ahh right I see where your going with that