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    Baler control box, window holder.

    Yea as Jim says ram mount and bolt on or make a bracket yourself to hold box the window sucker type are not great and the expensive control box falls of on the floor occasionally
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    John Deere 6900 stiff spools

    Got a 96 JD 6900 here and spools are tight to move once they go into the detents very tight to pull out, will it be a case of stripping th3 end caps or is there something else to look at don’t think it’s cables it’s definitely something on detents
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    Classic Tractor Prices.

    Yes bt Cummins engine sweet as they come used to run case mx,s good solid tractors would like my mx120 back T718 TSP
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    Usable classic

    The right hands is the problem? Not enough mechanics and storemen about, sort that bit out and a dealership of any brand could potentially do well. Mark Garrick will take a bit of the slack up but labour is the problem
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    Usable classic

    Back in 2005 Case were putting me of buying an mxm175 instead they were pushing a 155 mxm opened up to 200 if I wanted, there reason was it would be more reliable tractor and this was through the case sales warranted etc new tractor etc but I didn’t buy it in the end
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    Case MX170. Need help to find out what does this switch do.

    Pretty sure that switch is for “ride control” eg suspension of heavy load on lift arms sorta like soft ride on a loader but very rarely works
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    Project Zetros

    Looks very like a Multidrive to me? I would rather have seen a chain holding loadall on but looks secure to me presumably strap on rear of loadall is through puh explaining why it looks a bit low down the tyre. The main issue I would say but ty don’t seem to have mentioned is the van getting...
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    Upcoming auction following sad death

    @holwellcourtfarm thanks for that overview very interesting, most auction results are just prices in a list but the pictures make it more understandable thanks for taking the time cheers
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    Atv electric conversion

    Very informative reply thanks
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    Atv electric conversion

    I take it with elec motor you remove the whole engine gearbox etc and just chain drive to rear axle? How many 12v batteries @TechWise for a sensible power/range
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    Workshop bench.

    I’m with @bitwrx on having a smaller bench just exactly for his reasons it gathers clutter also shelves underneath for storing power tools but any shelves under the bench only gathe4 crap as well because they are too low and awkward to reach
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    High houred multidrive 6185

    Had a look on cleanacres website, series 4 booms so that’s a tick,paint etc is all good she looks well tbh if you check everything is working and no oil leaks etc along with axle checks and steering she should be ok. There is also a set of row crops on website for a fastrac which with the...
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    High houred multidrive 6185

    Row crops shouldn’t be an issue we run 380/90/46 on ours which is quite a common size on tractors so not a disaster to find tbh. 50k ??? They will do 60 odd on rowcrops and still feel good on the road. Gearbox has no real problems as far as I know, its a ZF unit which is used in a variety of...
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    Front hopper build

    Looks tidy nice to get something made just the way you want it, a good bit cheaper than a manufacturers offering whilst having decent spec as well
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    High houred multidrive 6185

    8 front and 12 rear would be a common spec if you can jack it up and check for slack everywhere including track rod ends as they are pricy too. It will not be leaf springs it will be coils or if you are lucky air but I bet it’s coils. Knight sprayer is a good unit the best booms are the series...