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    Front hopper build

    That looks real tidy, But I did the same on a hopper I made some years ago almost identical design of metering and pipes etc but I found it choked the fert in pipe as the bend was too close to the metering unit and stopped the material getting into suspension in the airflow. The guy I was...
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    Correct Spraying Rate on a small sprayer

    You are complicating something that is very simple 😅😅😅
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    And loaded to prevailing conditions as well
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    Correct Spraying Rate on a small sprayer

    That’s exactly it choose tips etc work out speed and stay at that speed as long as you keep speed steady rate will be correct pto speed fluctuating should not alter pressure much if at all so you should be accurate if speed is constant. Sprayers were all this way for many years
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    bunning spreader floor chain

    Probably it’s just some lugs welded on
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    IH 584 clutch

    Has it got a torque amplifier? If so put it in other position, can’t rightly remember high or low but on some tractors that helps.
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    bunning spreader floor chain

    Speak to Alan Suffling at SAS spreaders
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    McHale or Kuhn Fixed or Variable?

    Something not right if you are saying soft bales from a belt baler? That just should not be
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    Vaderstad carrier axle

    Never done one but can’t be too big a job,,? Source a new stub and hub complete cut of and replace. Hinton leg will almost certainly source a stub for you, or sell me a very cheap damaged carrier😂😂😂😂
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    NH Autocommand, rocking!

    Good result and thanks for update
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    Auto box repair

    This is what I would tend to do unless someone comes up with a definitive answer of something wrong, you could spend a bit of cash looking for some problem that’s not there, looking for ghosts as it were
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    3 metre power harrow options

    If you are planning on keeping it a long time I would go with the new kuhn as the recon one is 25 yrs old before you start and will become obsolete from a parts objective The amazone Ke is a lighter build machine go Kg to compare to kuhn Maschio I have no knowledge of but well regarded but...
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    Converting lowloader

    The weight carried is fairly academic as I have never heard of anyone getting pulled up for overloading? The trailer is full when it’s full and our trailers are crazy weights empty compared to hgv where weight is a big concern, even that accident on the breakers section with Jcb fastrac and...
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    Converting lowloader

    What you are proposing is not really very fair to the hauliers running hgvs with all the legislation they have to endure though? At the 31tonne train weight we have now it is not short of an eight wheeer lorry anyway and you know as well as I do that maintenance of brakes and lights etc are no...