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    Should he buy a sprayer?

    I have a lovely little Househam Sprint for sale if any self propelled enthusiasts are looking for one .
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    Winning a machinery raffle

    I recently won a DJI Mavic Air drone in a CPM competition sponsored by Gowan the Avadex manufacturer . Dominic Lamb from Gowan came down and presented it to me . I was dead chuffed . It's not often I win anything . I use a drone already for spotting old land drainage systems on the farm of which...
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    Flea Beetle 2019

    I started just as the sun was going down . The red sky in the west and moon rising in the east was pretty impressive .
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    Flea Beetle 2019

    Managed to get 34 ha done tonight and still have a straight boom :)
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    Flea Beetle 2019

    Are most of you spraying at night and how important is it to go in the dark ? The little buggers certainly don't move much in the torch light but there were a lot about in the bright sunshine today . The lights on my sprayer are pretty rubbish and I don't really want to trash my sprayer boom .
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    Bean settings on a jd cts combine

    Do you always run your concave without the wires @Case290 ?
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    Bean settings on a jd cts combine

    Wide and slow . Seem to lose to many over the rotors compared to losses on a walker combine . I ended up taking several of the rotor concave sections out which reduced the losses considerably but was a pain in the arse to do .
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    What’s this bug please ??

    Shield bug also called stink bug .
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    OSR Drilling 2019

    What you need then , @Clive , is a Triton
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    Wasn't she given a colouring book when she was a child ?
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    Teejet Matrix Pro 570gs versus Pro 840gs

    What is the difference between these two monitors except the size and £ 400 for the larger screen . Has anyone used both and is the extra cost worth it ? The spec looks virtually the same or have I missed something ?
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    Spare part supplier John Deree Not very local to you though :)
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    Harvest 2019

    @Brisel , Get the black beast in to help you . I'ts doing the rounds locally to you .
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    Zyatt and hagberg

    400 here
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    Your current weather.

    18mm so far today and still chucking it down . The livestock boys will be happy though .

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