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Ed's Carbon Farming Diary - Episode 1: Welcome to the Farm

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Welcome to Ed's farm! 🧑‍🌾 In this episode, Ed gives us an overview of what carbon farming looks like on his farm. "Carbon farming for us is changing the way we establish our crops and some of the management techniques in order to think directly about carbon, how it is cycling on our land, and how it affects our cropping systems". Tune in over the coming weeks to see the effects on these different management systems.

McConaghy Contracts First Cut Silage 2022

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McConaghy Contracts working with a fantastic view of Benevenagh Mountain the Claas 970 purring along with the 40ft rows of grass from the Krone rake and the T7.270 providing the Muscle, 4 x T7.210 carting the grass to the pit the Kane Halfpipes and in one of the most awkward pits the JCB 435s and the JCB 538-70 shoveling the grass away. This was the farm that I worked on over a number of years when I was younger so always great to catch up on what's going on with first-cut silage... #arimagery #grass #farming #agriculture #drone #photography #harvest #silage #baling #claas #jaguar #mcconaghycontracts

James Wray Farms Round Baling Straw 2022

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James Wray Farms LTD baling straw outside #limavady with the #newholland T7.210 and the #welger RB520 with Johnny at the helm. Adam running the other tractor with the #wuffler giving the straw a bit of turn up before baling

#arimagery #grass #farming2022 #agriculture2022...

Wheat harvest and some slow motion with the John Deere combine

Gamble Bros Slurry Spreading 2022

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Chris in the Massey Ferguson 7719s spreading slurry onto first cut grass ground to get it growing again for the second cut. With a fleet of Massey Ferguson's carting to the stand with the Redrock tankers using the DCI arms to send slurry to the pipe

#arimagery #grass #farming #agriculture #drone #photography #harvest #silage...

Carsehall Farms Spreading lime with the Bergmann TSW5210 on the New Holland T7030 2022

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Ali out with the big girl spreading lime onto grass ground tested back in the spring. Loading with the #redrock shovel in the shed into the #bergmann TSW 5210 with the #newholland T7030 the main machine...

#arimagery #drone #irishfarming #farming #spreading #lime...

New Holland Pro-Belt Variable Chamber Round Baler: WALKROUND

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Expanding its round baler line-up, we check out New Holland's new high-performance Pro-Belt variable chamber baler. As ever, MORE FARM MACHINERY VIDEOS AT

Featured machine:
  • Model: New Holland Pro-Belt 165 (190 also available)
  • Type: Variable chamber round baler
  • Number of belts: 4
  • Bale diameter: 90 to 165cm (90 to 190cm with the 190 model)
  • Bale chamber pressure: 160bar, adjustable in zones
  • Pickup width: 2.35m
  • Number of pickup tine bars: 5 with cam track
  • Feed rotor diameter: 520mm
  • Chopping knife selection: 0, 12, 13 or 25
  • Control: ISOBus with option of Tractor Implement Management
  • Spool requirements: 2
  • Blockage protection: Active drop floor and...

Hay Making 2022

SHE BE LOOUD JCB 416 Buckraking 2022 working the pit (might wanna turn down the sound)

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Just outside Limavady 2nd cut grass going in with the JCB 416 in the inside pit...enjoy that purr

#arimagery #grass #farming #agriculture #drone #photography #harvest #silage #baling #grass2022...

Agri south 2022 part 3

Deutz-Fahr 6C RV Shift Tractor: FIRST IMPRESSION

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In this episode, we get a first impression of the new Deutz-Fahr 6C RV Shift tractor, complete with the firm's new 20-speed 'powershift' gearbox. FULL VIDEO at

Featured machine:
  • Model: Deutz-Fahr 6135 C RV Shift
  • Engine: 3.6-litre, 4-cylinder, Deutz
  • Power: 136hp rated (143hp boosted)
  • Torque: 523Nm rated (550Nm boosted)
  • Transmission: 20 by 16 full powershift
  • Hydraulic pump capacity: 90 litres/min standard (120 litres/min load sensing option)
  • Rear linkage lift capacity: 5t standard (7t optional)
  • Front linkage lift capacity: 3t
  • Wheelbase: 2,510mm
  • Unladen weight: 5.5t
  • Max. permissable weight: 8.5t...

R Killens out with the fleet of Redrock Tankers spreading Slurry onto first cut grass 2022

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R Killens out with the fleet of Redrock Tankers spreading Slurry onto first cut grass 2022​

Covering ground not far from the home yard with the Redrock tankers to the nurse trailer and spreading with the Special Edition Case IH Puma 175. All Case IH tractors carting except Blair in the T7235 New Holland #arimagery #grass #farming #agriculture #drone #photography...

TJ Montgomery at first cut grass with the JOHN DEERE 9800i 2022

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One part of the team from TJ Montgomery getting into some nice and heavy first cut grass for the dairy herd with a mix of John Deere, Case IH & Fendt carting in with the Mighty 435s on the pit with the Blue Power Case IH Rolling

#arimagery #grass #farming #agriculture #drone #photography #harvest #silage...

Campbell Contracts Mowing with the Claas Triples on the FENDT 820 2022

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Chrissy ditching the diggers and dropping grass with the Iconic and Classic FENDT 820 on a stunning afternoon.

But surely a true classic and not many left in such good condition

#arimagery #grass #farming #agriculture #drone #photography #harvest #silage #baling...

Gamble Bros working the pit with the MF7720s and the JCB 419S

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Barry in the 7720s and Neil in the JCB 419 working the pit with the lads carting off the Krone 780...

Fleet of Massey Ferguson tractors on Kane trailers working not too far from them.

#arimagery #grass #farming #agriculture #drone #photography #harvest #silage #baling #masseyferguson #kanetrailers #krone #jcb #buckrake #pit #silagepit

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Wrotham Classic Steam and Transport Rally.2022 part 2

Kubota M7-173 Premium KVT Tractor: REVIEW

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In this we review, we try out Kubota's latest generation M7 Series tractor. FULL VIDEO AT

Featured machine:
  • Model: Kubota M7-173 Premium KVT
  • Engine: 6.1-litre, 4-cylinder, Kubota
  • Rated power: 170hp
  • Max. power with boost: 175hp
  • Max. torque at 1,500rpm: 711Nm
  • Transmission: 50kph, continuously variable
  • Hydraulic pump capacity: 110 litres/minute
  • Rear linkage lift capacity: 9.4t
  • Front linkage lift capacity: 3.5t
  • Number of spool valves: 6 double-acting, with 'Valve Swap' feature
  • Rear PTO speeds: 540, 540E, 1,000 and 1,000E
  • Wheelbase: 2,720mm
  • Shipping weight: About 7.3t...

WHOLECROP 2022 has begun down at Carsehall Farms with Lyons Contracts

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Carsehall Farms getting stuck into whole crop with some third cut grass...the Smyth Trailer on the Claas Axion 810 and the New Holland T7.210 on the McMurray Silage Trailer Lyons Contracts 9900i with the Domai header making easy easy work of a tall standing crop of winter barley...

#arimagery #grass #farming #agriculture #drone #photography #harvest...

The Aclonifen Effect