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The Haith Bagging Trailer on Potato Harvest with GRIMME Varitron

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A short video I put together of the Haith SUPA-BAG10 Bagging Trailer on Potato Harvest with the GRIMME Varitron and windrower.

Goodbye Rust! Hello Shiny and New!

BigBaler High Density large square balers. All-out efficiency

The 2020 CLAAS 8800 Lexion with MacDon Flexdraper Header

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A short video I shot last year but never edited. It has a fair bit of slow-motion showing the MacDon header from above. Shaun is in the 2020 CLAAS 8800 Lexion (780 pre-production stickers) testing out the MacDon Europe FD140 FLEXDRAPER header which is picking up the flattened wheat well.

John Deere Spraying

Why Milly started Home on the Farm

EV Land Rover Defender Road Trip

Carrot Harvesting

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Carrot harvesting at Thoresby

Can Regenerative Agriculture Reverse Climate Change?

xarvio Scouting Demonstration

Andrew Pearce Farms

New FENDT 942 Vario with Amazone Catros 12m discs

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A video from when I was out last month with the New FENDT 942 Vario with Amazone Catros 12m discs

With the wheat drilling all done, what happens next on Harry's Farm?

John Deere Drilling

We need some new Calves for 2021

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Red Poll cattle have always been bred on the Farm at Tatton Park since the early 1900’s. It’s time for us to carry on that legacy and keep that breeding going, enter Moon the Red Poll bull! He’s come to stay on the Farm for a few weeks!

Carrot Covering to protect them from frost

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I was out a couple of weeks ago with George Roworth and his team putting carrots to bed for the winter, protecting them from frost.

Where will all the electricity come from for EV’s ?

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often bought up in threads about EV’s on here ....... well here are some proper answers

Catch-up on #OFCBitesize - Minette and Tony Abbott

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Well our #OFCBitesize yesterday was certainly appropriate for Guy Fawkes Night, setting a few "fireworks" off on screen.

Former Prime Minister of Australia and appointed adviser to UK Board of Trade, Tony Abbott and NFU President, Minette Batters debated the future of UK agricultural trade.


Here is a sneak preview:

Mr Abbott said, “When it comes to trade the aim should always be to freely trade high-quality goods and services. Historically Britain has always welcomed goods, ideas, people and capital. Britons have always had a robust sense of their capacity to do things well, and to learn from anyone who might be able to do better. That is why Britain has made such an extraordinary and...

GRIMME UK 220 Varitron Potato Harvest

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The GRIMME UK 220 Varitron and a team of John Deere's harvesting British potatoes at Thoresby Farm
#britishfarming #farmingvideo #potatoharvest #harvest2020

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