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Forager or Combine? Meet the hybrid John Deere 99!

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360 Degree Videos - Variable-Intensity Tillage

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Love the way you can look around the video.

Pre and Post Lambing Nutrition

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Principles of feeding – late pregnancy and post lambing
• Assess body condition score
• Group accordingly
• Analyse forage
• Assess ewes – metabolic profiles
• Quality of supplement
• MAXIMISE dry matter intake
• Post lambing nutrition
• Grazing cover, forage, supplements

Assess body condition score
• Ewe nutrition – year round importance
• Aim – optimum body condition score at lambing
• Lambing ease
• Minimal risk of disease – metabolic...


Feeding groups of calves - made easy

Choosing Sugar Beet variety traits

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Make sure you choose the right varieties for your circumstances by checking varietal traits - find out more about canopy architecture and how it can help you to pick varieties that fit your soil type or management plan. Dr Simon Bowen explains more...

From well-known favourite exhibitors to more than 40 newcomers, there's an expert that can help you at #CropTec19

“It’s important for me to have a better understanding and express my views to the manufacturers” Oliver Scott, Thelveton Farms #CropTec19 visitor

CropTec Show 2018 Event Highlights

Ewe nutrition pre tupping to early pregnancy

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Objectives for optimum ewe nutrition and management
• Optimum body condition score (BCS) – 3.5 for lowland (2.5 hill)
• Achieving body weight targets at mating
• Maximising fertility – ovulation rate, conception and low barren rate Early pregnancy nutrition
• Maintaining pregnancy – reducing embryonic loss

Target body condition score
• Assess and group AT WEANING and split
• Target – 3.5 BCS for lowland ewes and 2.5 for hill ewes pre tupping

“Working together we might find a way of working through the [OSR] challenges and getting you some higher yields” Steven Penfield, #CropTec19 speaker

FendtONE - The task management system from Fendt

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We have just had a demo of this at Agritechnica and it’s very impressive indeed. Lots of tasks and information easily shared and most importantly it’s available free for all Fendt customers with a Profi Plus tractor from the past 8 years.

John Deere X9 Twin Rotor Combine launch at Agritechnica 2019

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Big new competitor in the high capacity twin rotor combine market from John Deere

Looks like they have the European market firmly in their sights with this. They confidently talked about outputs of over 100t/hr at sub 1% losses

New header, Cab, styling, chopper.......... well new everything really ! - a really impressive bit of machinery

John Deere Future Technology zone at Agritechnica

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When John Deere finally show their hand for their vision of future farming they do it seriously well !!

A rather mind blowing video of how they see the various components coming together

Horsch Avatar 12.25 SF Zerotill bean drilling

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Some drone footage I got last week while drilling our winter beans

New T8 Genesis with PLM Intelligence tractors

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New Holland built the new T8 Genesis™ with PLM Intelligence™ around the input of operators like you. From a reimagined cab designed to offer the most comfortable and convenient driver experience, to next-generation intuitive controls that can be easily customized to the tasks at hand, every detail has been carefully engineered to meet your needs. The new T8 Genesis with PLM Intelligence is also the first tractor on the market to fully integrate New...

Continental Contadino - Robot Implement Carrier - Hall 4

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This is Contadino, our first fully electric, autonomous robot platform for high precision farming! He will make agriculture more efficient, sustainable and even much safer. How? Find it out at the premiere of his prototype at @Agritechnica (booth C22, hall 4) on November, 11!

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