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    May 9, 2019
    Zürn and Garford to cooperate!

    The cutting platform and field research technology specialist Zürn Harvesting has acquired a majority stake in the English hoeing technology manufacturer Garford Farm Machinery Ltd. The German family-owned company is thus expanding its product range to include the growth market of mechanical weed control and future-oriented camera-assisted machine guidance with individual plant recognition.

    "In the future, we want to jointly use our experience and resources in sales, production and development to enable Garford to take further growth steps with its extensive hoeing technology programme. The increasing resistance problems with herbicides will open up new opportunities for mechanical weed control," is how Managing Director Rolf Zürn of Zürn Harvesting sums up the company's cooperation.

    Further information on the products and the Garford company can be found on the website
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    Oct 30, 2017
    John Deere Rewards Chopping Pro


    John Deere has named Europe’s top self-propelled forage harvester drivers for 2017 in a unique social media campaign. Contractor Simon Burton of D & B Farming at Leasingham, near Sleaford in Lincolnshire will be featured at the end of October as the UK & Ireland’s Chopping Pro on a mobile billboard in his local area.

    Simon’s success follows that of his brother and co-director James Burton, who was one of two representatives from the UK & Ireland at this summer’s John Deere & Michelin European Drivers’ Championship in France, where he was placed 4th out of 16 tractor drivers.


    Simon Burton registered for the Chopping Pro campaign via John Deere’s Facebook page in order to get as many likes from the internet community as possible. A total of 64 operators from seven countries entered the contest on Facebook, and 484 people voted for Simon Burton’s post, in which he said: “I love driving the John Deere...
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    Aug 30, 2016

    London, August 30, 2016

    Better use of labor, integration into current machinery fleets, plus the flexibility to work unmanned around the clock with real time data monitoring – and, in the future, the ability to automatically respond to weather events. That’s what the concept autonomous tractor technology developed by CNH Industrial could bring to future world agriculture, following its public preview at the 2016 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, USA.

    Precision farming and machine automation are already taking on ever-greater importance in order to meet the need for more efficient, economic and sustainable agriculture. However, at key times of the year farm work still demands long hours in the field – particularly when harvesting a crop, or planting the next one.

    Via its Case IH and New Holland Agriculture brands, CNH Industrial’s Innovation Group has proactively developed concept autonomous technology to meet this challenge and help farmers and agribusinesses sustainably boost production and productivity at these times, through the ability to make the most of ideal soil and weather conditions, as well as available labor.

    Auto-steering and telematics are already available on today’s tractors and autonomous technology takes this a significant stage further. Based on the existing Case IH Magnum and New Holland T8...
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    Mar 24, 2016
    Driverless tractor a runaway success
    Driverless system is packed with safety features and eDrive diesel-electric system

    Posted Mar. 24th, 2016 by Ron Lyseng


    • Affectionately named Big Jim by ATC engineers, this eDrive converted JD 8760 now has two diesel engines and two generators that power the drive motor at each wheel. The diesel/electric system allows precise control of the four drive tires. | ATC photo
    Autonomous Tractor Corp. is ready to sell a true driverless system so that tractors can perform all normal field work with the added benefit of energy-efficient diesel-electric power.

    For about US$10,000, the company will add its fully autonomous control system to an existing tractor that’s already been converted from conventional diesel-mechanical drive to its eDrive diesel-electric system.

    The system, called AutoDrive, can be installed only on an eDrive tractor.

    It should not be confused with the widely available AutoSteer, which requires an operator in the cab at all times.

    AutoDrive allows a tractor to continue working when the cab is vacant. The operator can be on a second machine, mapping the next field, napping in the truck at the side of the field or be kilometres away refilling a tender.

    The system’s four stages are in-stalled one at...
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    Dec 20, 2015
    Nearly a year ago I wrote something about an innovative and new spraying technique that is emerging in The Netherlands; the Wingssprayer. This 'wing' is mounted underneath a spray boom and reduces drift. It uses air flow to open up the crop. Small droplets enter the crop which gets a better covering, whilst achieving 99 percent drift reduction. The technique hasn't gone unnoticed in it's home country and many other places in the world.

    Most recently Wingssprayer was awarded the Water Innovation Award 2015 in the clean water category. This price was awarder to Wingssprayer founder Harrie Hoeben by the union of water boards in The Netherlands. The jury was particularly impressed because of it's simplicity and the large gain for the environment.

    The horizontally mounted Wingssprayer has already proved itself invaluable to arable farmers in the country, delivering 99 percent drift reduction in all conditions. The vertically placed wing is expected to make a huge impact in the fruit growing industry, making it possible to spray with at least 90 percent drift reduction. This means less pesticides can be used and less chemicals contaminate the surface water. According to the jury there is more profit than that just gained financially. Wingssprayer tackles issues at the source, not at the end of the pipeline, so they write in their final verdict.

    Wingssprayer developer Hoeben was awarded 15.000 euro to rapidly develop this new project. This money will be used to fund...
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    Oct 26, 2015
    Day 408 – Cross Slot vs 750a
    by @dontknowanything
    [This blog post will be of no interest to anyone sane]

    I don't think my Nuffield report mentioned hardware once. It's pretty well incidental to the bigger picture, but that is not to say we don't all like arguing about it anyway. Way back in March 2014 I went to visit Cross Slot in NZ, and since then the long and tedious debates that seem to crop up every time the drill is mentioned. The main point in summary is that the drill is incredibly expensive, and its ability to create extra yield to mitigate this is, depending on your viewpoint, unproven.

    I have been trying since September 2014 to get a Cross Slot on this farm, so that I could see it with my own eyes. I had pretty well given up getting anywhere, when an opportunity arose not so long ago. There are now a handful of drills floating about this country, and one was based not far away. All it took to tempt it over here was a chequebook - it seems that demos are not possible or deemed necessary by the dealer. I had never intended to perform a trial, but it seemed like a good opportunity to try and get something done, and luckily John Deere stepped up at very short notice to send one of their machines. I had really wanted to get a...
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    Sep 21, 2015
    @Niels brought my attention to this new DVD release

    A Year Farming with Deere Two-part DVD series by Chris Lockwood

    This two-part DVD series follows a year with contract farming operation Reed Agriculture. Based in North Suffolk, the business covers 3000 acres and uses almost exclusively John Deere machinery.

    Interviews and narration describe more than 100 sequences over the course of the two programmes. Particular emphasis is placed on showing the impressive array of modern equipment used, with nearly 60 machines featured over both discs, including more than 40 tractors with examples from most of the popular John Deere ranges produced during the past 10 years.

    The soil types are very variable, ranging from light sand to heavy clay, and consequently a wide variety of crops are grown including wheat, barley, oilseed rape, sugar beet, peas, grass, parsley, onions and potatoes.

    Part one covers the period January to May, beginning with the harvesting of the remainder of last year’s sugar beet. A variety of cultivations on the light land are followed by the drilling of spring sown crops. Preparations for onion sets and potatoes are shown in detail, together with the planting operation. Crop care is next, with spraying, fertilising and irrigation the order of the day.

    Part two continues the story from June to December, starting with haylage and haymaking

    activities. Harvest commences with the combinable crops, followed by the...
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    Aug 27, 2015
    Today has been a very special day and one that up until 9am this morning, I had not seen coming

    A verbal quote for a bit of business through a key dealer contact in Norfolk resulted in a request to do a site visit local to me, ostensibly to take a few measurements.

    I recognised the end customer name and address immediately. As I drew in to the industrial estate looking for building 5, I had the good fortune to see another building door open. I was aware, of course, that Paul Rackham had a forthcoming auction with Cheffins to sell his collection of tractors and machinery on the 26th September 2015. I had heard the rumours of shipping space already being booked and the level of interest this sale would generate.

    My business done and a lovely, feet on the ground discussion with Mr Rackham about the cattle farm requirements, politics and the fact that his Daughter lives in my village, I just felt compelled to ask if I could take a look around the collection. In his own very gracious and quiet unassuming way he insisted I did so and drove me down to the building.

    I stepped inside and recognised the lines of tractors, in marque / type layout. I introduced myself to the two engineers working on the collection and they kindly pointed out a few of the "stars".

    Now as a simple stockman, I have a rudimentary knowledge of tractor history, I can even remember a good few models over my 52 years and from the books I read avidly as a kid.

    Nothing, however, could have...
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    Mar 9, 2015
    Solar Impulse plane begins epic global flight
    By Jonathan AmosBBC Science Correspondent

    Andre Borschberg was at the controls of the single-seater vehicle as it took off

    A record-breaking attempt to fly around the world in a solar-powered plane has got under way from Abu Dhabi.

    The aircraft - called Solar Impulse-2 - took off from the Emirate, heading east to Muscat in Oman.

    Over the next five months, it will skip from continent to continent, crossing both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in the process.

    Andre Borschberg was at the controls of the single-seater vehicle as it took off at 07:12 local time (03:12 GMT).

    He will share the pilot duties in due course with fellow Swiss, Bertrand Piccard.

    The plan is stop off at various locations around the globe, to rest and to carry out maintenance, and also to spread a campaigning message about clean technologies.

    Before taking off, Borschberg told BBC News: "I am confident we have a very special aeroplane, and it will have to be to get us across the big oceans.

    "We may have to fly for five days and five nights to do that, and it will be a challenge.

    "But we have the next two months, as we fly the legs to China, to train and prepare ourselves."

    Monday's leg to Oman will cover about 400km and take an estimated 12 hours. Details of the journey are being relayed on the internet.

    The project has...
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    Dec 14, 2014
    The Antarctica2 tractor expedition team is already making good progress on its long and punishing 2500 km journey back from the South Pole to base camp at Novo Runway. But the latest big challenge is a dense ice-fog which has dramatically reduced visibility.

    With 840 km under their belts, the team and MF 5610 tractor have now completed seven of the 20 degrees of Latitude which they need to cover before reaching Novo on the Antarctic coast. In a determined push, they reached Fuel Depot 83 where work was carried out on the tractor and support vehicles to rebalance the loads.

    Until now, the expedition has been blessed with clear blue skies for the majority of the trip but freezing fog descended in a thick blanket to change the outlook completely. In her daily update from the ice, Matty McNair, Expedition Lead Guide reported: “The weather was sunny and then the ice fog rolled over us. It’s hard to see the tracks and bumps. If you can imagine being in a dark room and you can see nothing. That’s what it’s like except it’s in white!” To cope with this new situation, they had to follow GPS transit points which is extremely challenging.

    The expedition is still travelling across the polar plateau at an elevation of 2603 metres (8,540 ft). Winds are up and it is cold – around minus 25 to minus 30 degrees C. Team members have to keep their vigilance at top level as they climb higher and higher towards the mountain range in their path - and where temperatures dropped...