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Looking For Work Self Employed - Looking for summer work - Fife,Scotland or anywhere in the uk for harvest

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25 - Self Employed farm labourer/ tractor driver based in Fife, Scotland
Looking for work from may onwards. From Shropshire so willing to take summer work outside of Scotland.
Range of experience
4 years in the USA on harvest, Head truck driver for 2 seasons leading convoys, planning routes, overseeing and servicing equipment. Hauled over 40,000 tonnes of grain, oversize loads and more.
Tractor work inc. Mowing, Raking, Forage box, Slurry tanking, ploughing, cultivations, drilling, fert spreading, muck and compost spreading, potato planting, Combining, ditch drainage,
About 3500 hours of loader work mostly on straw, grain and potatoes.
Grain and potato storage experience, Potato handling experience including filling bulk and box stores. handled 10,000+ boxes.

Looking For Work Tractor/machine operator

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Thirty-something chap seeks tractor/machine operator position for 6-18 months. Somerset or surrounding areas preferred but would commute or live away for the right position. Experience of silage/grain cart, tankering, cultivations and livestock work, etc. Would suit large arable/contractor or AD operation.

Utterly reliable, conscientious, keen and quick to learn whilst willing to work long hours. Sense of humour will liven any workplace. Some knowledge of agronomy. Full CV and references available. Immediate start possible by negotiation. May be able to work seasonally for the next 4-5 years if academic commitments allow.

Email or PM in first instance to discuss:



127: Gaining more milk from forage

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127: Gaining more milk from forage

Written by AHDB

In this episode Knowledge Exchange Manager Emily talks to dairy farmer Keith Davis about how he adapted his grazing and silage practices and the impact this had on his yield from forage. With feed prices on the rise, increasing the yield from home-grown forage becomes ever more important.

For the latest research and advice on grass, forage and soil management to help improve grassland productivity on livestock farms, visit our Grass webpage.

Get the latest grass growth measurements straight from farms to your inbox by signing up to our...

Alltech launches competition to champion food and farming ambassadors

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham

Alltech has launched a competition to recognise individuals who are proactively showcasing the benefits of UK agriculture to the general public. Charlotte Cunningham reports. With a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, taking place in Kentucky this May, people working within the agricultural sector are being encouraged to submit their entries online before April 5, 2020. At a time when the farming sector is facing increasing scrutiny from the media, Alltech UK wants to ‘Connect, Elevate and Inspire’ the industry to better educate consumers on where their food comes from and the merits of agriculture from an environmental...

Farm Expo Kent 2020 part 1

Trade association urges Chancellor to halt Fuel Duty increase on Red Diesel

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Written by FM Web Editor


Liquid fuels trade association, UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) is urging Chancellor Rishi Sunak to reconsider the rumoured increase to fuel duty on red diesel in the forthcoming budget, as it will have a major impact on the construction and farming industries.

Red Diesel is used by the construction, farming and marine industries and accounts for 15% of all diesel sales in the UK. Any increase in fuel duty will have a major impact on UKIFDA Members and their customers and could see the cost of red diesel significantly...

Soils – Less is more for cultivations

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Written by cpm

Download PDF Preparing land for potato planting will be tricky in many areas given the wet winter. CPM gets some timely advice and considers how soil resilience can be improved. Deep cultivations to 30cm or more are de-structuring soils. By Paul Spackman With the spring planting period approaching, many growers, especially those in areas worst affected by heavy winter rainfall, may well be wondering how land can be prepared in time. This year more than ever, patience will be vital when it comes to spring cultivations, says Lincolnshire-based Hutchinsons agronomist, Will Sharpe. “Working any soil when it is too wet is likely to create problems, notably compaction, that will restrict...

Alliance Tyres - Stratified Layer Technology - AGRI STAR II

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Stratified Layer Technology is a unique combination of two layers - The first layer with a multi-angle lug profile and the second layer with a single angle lug profile. Each lug of AGRI STAR II is formed by combining these layers. Even after prolonged wear, the second layer of lug ensures traction and roadability, making it well-equipped for on and off-field operations.

Highlights 2019 - Best of MOTOR SOUND

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Some great kit in this video.

Fendt 930 S4 + Quadrivomere De Franceschi

Zocon Greenseeder

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A partnership of Paul Roe Contracting and Kevin Mowbray has announced it will be the exclusive UK importer of the unique Zocon Greenseeder catch crop system.

The Netherland’s based Zocon company has developed and manufactured a specially designed machine that enables catch crops to be undersown in maize at different stages of growth to satisfy environmental concerns particularly amongst water companies about soil erosion and nitration phosphate leaching.

The Zocon Greenseeder machine was developed for this specific role after legislation in the Netherlands deemed all maize crops should be followed by the planting of a green cover crop. This machine has been designed after close consultation with a number of end users, taking into account the...

Greg Judy details simple steps for healing an overgrazed farm

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Animal impact + carbon source followed by full recovery period. Feeding soil biology with a carbon source stirred and trampled by a group of ruminant animals is the gold standard for building healthy soil.

Coronavirus to delay recovery of global pork supplies – Rabobank

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Written by Alistair Driver

Global pork supplies will decline further this year as coronavirus delays the process of restocking the Chinese pig herd, following the devastation caused by African swine fever, Rabobank has predicted.

In its latest global ASF update, the bank forecasts that global pork supply will fall by up to 10% in 2020 after a record fall in stock levels last year, according to a new report from Rabobank.

Pork production in China declined by more 20% in 2019 due to the impact of ASF. Coronavirus, which is currently disrupting pork shipments into China with parts of the country forced to shut-down, is now causing further volatility on top of ASF, which Rabobank says...

York 3rd March - BASF Real Results Roadshow

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As part of the farming community, you are invited by BASF to an innovative event to launch the new cereal fungicide, Revystar® XE. Eight events will be held throughout the UK, bringing farmers together to discuss their challenges and plans for spring 2020. Farmers involved in BASF’s Real Results Circle will share their field trial results from using Revystar® XE on their farms last spring. You’ll hear first-hand how they got on and what they thought. Soil health expert, Professor Jenni Dungait will also be giving her advice on how to manage soils following the wet conditions, and ADAS will share their independent research into Revystar® XE‘sperformance.

We invite you to join us on one of the following events to meet other farmers and discuss the...

March Parasite Forecast

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January began settled and cloudy with mild weather for most of the month except for a cold, wet period towards the end of the month. Consequently, the provisional UK mean temperature in January was 5.6oC, which is 2.0oC above the long-term national average (1981-2010). Regionally temperatures were above average across all regions in January and the preceding 3 months (November 2019 – January 2020).

Overall, UK rainfall was as expected in January. However, this varied widely between regions and considerably above average in north and west Scotland, and below average in Northern Ireland and the east of England. For the preceding three months regional rainfall showed a pattern of above average in more southern regions of the UK.

Liver Fluke...

Veganism & Me

Looking For Work Tractor or livestock

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Plenty of tractor experience as a contractor for 5 years was herdsman/shepherd before that, Lancashire/Yorkshire

Ammunition for vegans

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Bit scary really.

Too far in my opinion, but certainly the way things are going in most of the world. Need some respect for the animal.

Crop nutrition in the spotlight at Cereals 2020

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Crop nutrition in the spotlight at Cereals 2020

Weeds and disease are an ever-present threat to crops, but nutrition plays a key role in tackling both and optimising it should be a focus for farmers.

From variety choice to the latest chemical developments, weed tackling strategies and nutritional advice, Cereals 2020 (10-11 June) will deliver the knowledge to help farmers overcome many challenges.

Nutrition is one of the key areas in the spotlight as growers consider where improvements can be made. Micronutrients in particular can easily fall under the radar, and yields can suffer as a result. This year especially, with the excessively wet conditions, leaching could be a serious problem for many.


Looking For Work Farm/harvest work

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Morning all

I am looking for a farm vacancy based in the Cambridgeshire Hertfordshire Bedfordshire area,I have returned to the industry after been away within a different industry but have good harvest experience under my belt with experience of most operations from combine operator too tracked tractor operator on cultivation work.i also have some gamekeeper experience and am a qualified shotgun instructor.I am ideally looking for something long term but equally happy to commit to a harvest vacancy.any questions please get in touch.

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