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A NEW seaweed biostimulant to nurture and protect

Albatross is a NEW and highly concentrated cold pressed extract of the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum that promotes healthier, higher yielding crops by increasing resource use efficiency and protection against stressful growing conditions. Free of synthetic chemicals and renewably sourced, Albatross provides a smarter and more sustainable way to optimise plant health and productivity.

At Interagro, we’re not only known for our adjuvant expertise, we’re also a leading supplier of premium quality, sustainable plant-based biostimulants to support efficient and profitable crop production in both conventional and organic growing systems. At a time of increasing fertiliser costs, negative climate change and the call for more sustainable inputs that support regenerative farming practices, the beneficial effects of Ascophyllum nodosum offers growers an effective bio-based alternative to stimulate growth, improve water/nutrient use efficiency and build tolerance to stressful growing conditions without the reliance on synthetic inputs. Seaweed extracts are used widely as plant biostimulants to improve plant growth and fitness. With Albatross you can be confident in knowing that you are supplying the very best seaweed to your plants in a form that can be utilised best, for bigger and better results.

Benefits naturally derived

Albatross contains the freshest possible liquid extraction of Ascophyllum
available. It is especially useful in regenerative and organic growing systems because it contains many natural components not found in synthetic fertilisers that have a regulatory and positive effect on plant growth:

  • Almost every micronutrient in a fully chelated (immediately available) form
  • NPK in low amounts but readily available for immediate uptake
  • Phytohormones that stimulate growth and development and means plants don’t need to waste energy making them
  • Complex polysaccharides not found in land plants that signal plant defense mechanisms to ward off pathogens and protect from abiotic stress
  • Bioactive molecules unique to brown algae that strengthen the plant defenses and immune response
  • Vitamins and enzymes that support plant growth and fitness
  • Beneficial microorganisms that exude sticky substances which bind nutrients in the root zone

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Albatross ingredients and benefits to plants

Ingredients ActivesMode of action
Macro and micronutrientsN, P, K, Mn, C, Ca, ZnSupports growth and development of the plant
ProteinsAmino acids and peptidesStimulates growth and development of the plant
Polysaccharides (Storage carbohydrates)Fucoidans - unique to algaeElicitor effect, inducing positive response to abiotic stress
Laminaran - unique to algaeStimulates production of phytoalexins, helping defend against pests and diseases
Alginates - unique to brown algaePromotes cell fluid balance and acts as elicitor, reducing salt and water stress. Also improves soil structure
BetainesVarious - unique to brown algaeProtects cell walls from osmotic stress and inhibits chlorophyll degradation
MannitolSugar alcoholAnti-oxidant to fight free radicals + osmo-protectant, reducing water stress on the plant
PolyphenolsPlorotanninsAnti-oxidant to fight free radicals and strengthens cell walls from pathogen attack
PhytohormonesAuxins, cytokinins, abscisic acids, gibberellins, ethylenePromotes growth and development

Key benefits

Albatross combines the natural biostimulation and nutritional properties of the ocean with our sensitive harvesting and unique extraction techniques to provide your crops with the growth stimulation, nurture and stress protection needed for high yielding crops:

  1. Optimises plant growth and resource use efficiency
  2. Protects against abiotic and biotic stress
  3. Sustainably and naturally derived
  4. Efficient and effective performance
1. Optimises plant growth and resource use efficiency - Promotes rooting and nutrient chelation, increasing water and nutrient uptake
Albatross stimulates the rooting of plants, increasing access to water and nutrients from the soil. Growth promotion properties from naturally rich auxins and cytokinins help optimise plant establishment and development, whilst trace elements and macro/micronutrients foster plant health from ground roots up. Nutrient availability and translocation are further enhanced by the natural chelating properties of Albatross, for immediate and effective adsorption into plants. Co-application with nutrient fertilisers bring additional resource use efficiency benefits for optimal plant growth and fitness.

2. Protects against abiotic and biotic stress - Stimulates the plant’s natural defenses, building resilience to suboptimal growing conditions
Albatross contains natural anti-oxidants, enzymes, polysaccharides, and other bioactive molecules that stimulate the plants natural defenses against environmental stress and pest and pathogen attack. Regular applications of Albatross build resilience to abiotic and biotic stress that helps plants to withstand suboptimal growing conditions and ward off pest and disease invasion the natural way.

3. Sustainably and naturally derived - Sensitively harvested from the ocean, no artificial ingredients
Ascophyllum nodosum in Albatross is sensitively hand-harvested from the North Atlantic ocean, with every care taken to retain the seaweed base in-tact. This not only ensures future harvests, it also guarantees the protection and sustainability of this precious natural ecosystem for generations to come. With zero synthetic chemicals added, Albatross is a fully nature-based input for growers looking to a more sustainable way to support plant health.

4. Efficient and effective performance - Purest, freshest seaweed extract available, ensuring maximum uptake and application flexibility
Albatross contains the purest and freshest cold pressed Ascophyllum nodosum available. Produced within 12 hours of harvesting using a unique cold extraction process free from the use of heat and chemicals, Albatross retains all the bioactive molecules naturally present in seaweed, but with the exclusion of sodium chloride. This ensures maximum uptake and benefit to the plant, with optimal compatibility and miscibility for fast and effective performance.

With Albatross
  • Sustainable, nature-based solution for growth stimulation, resource use efficiency and stress tolerance
  • Unique and innovative extraction process guarantees over 75% of raw Ascophyllum nodosum in its naturally derived form, in the finished product
  • Fast and effective adsorption that is 100% water soluble
  • The most effective and efficient method of feeding seaweed to your plants
  • Approved for use in organic systems by Organic Farmers and Growers
  • Increases root mass by up to *55%
  • Increases max root length by up to *40%
  • Increases shoot growth by up to *21%
* Source: Growth stimulation trials conducted on Winter Wheat at The University of Nottingham in 2019. 10 replicates, 95% confidence limits.

Performance in trials

The rooting ability of crops has huge consequences on plant health. Plants with bigger root systems can not only extract more water and nutrients from the soil, they also have a greater ability to withstand suboptimal growing conditions, make better use of available resources, and achieve higher yields. Research at the University of Nottingham in the UK has shown that Albatross significantly increases root and shoot growth in Winter Wheat.

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Click "download" to read the Albatross handbook, containing trials data, plus a lot more about the product.

Where to Purchase

Albatross is available to purchase online through
Farm Marketplace and Farm Deals.
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