The BASIS Foundation courses are ideally suited for individuals who are starting their career in agronomy and crop production, especially those with limited previous experience. For many they act as a ‘steppingstone’ towards more in-depth BASIS courses.

The BASIS Foundation courses provide you with a broad understanding of all aspects of crop production and agronomy. This includes crop nutrition, pest identification, environmental awareness, integrated pest management and pesticide legislation. If your role on farm doesn’t require you to directly provide crop protection and agronomy advice, then these stand-alone courses often provide you with a sufficient level of knowledge and understanding which is appropriate for your work.

However, after successfully completing a Foundation course, many candidates progress to take other courses such as the BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection IPM and FACTS. The Foundation courses provides an ideal first step for a career in agronomy and crop production, providing an appropriate level of understanding and knowledge which will help candidates successfully complete these more in-depth courses. This is especially true for those who are joining the industry with little previous experience in, or knowledge of, crop production.

The courses available are:
BASIS Foundation Award (Agriculture & Vegetables)
BASIS Foundation Award (Amenity Horticulture)
BASIS Foundation Award (Grassland & Forage Crops)
BASIS Foundation Award (Soils)
BASIS Foundation Award (Organic Farming)

The links to all the course information is here:
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