Welcome to the latest update for the 2021 grassland and maize season. These regular technical notes are a seasonal commentary to help those interested in improving grassland and forage productivity on dairy, beef, sheep and equestrian enterprises.

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Where you are currently using the Grassland App – please now switch to the FarmMorageForage App. This App carries information on all our solutions for the livestock farmer: maize seed, silage inoculants, grass and maize herbicides and nitrogen stabilizers. It also is needed for the Forefront® T Stewardship Record Management Tool which no longer works in the Grassland App. All current client records are transferred automatically when the same e-mail is used in registering the new app. It is available for IOS and Android. If you need any help on switching over contact [email protected]



• Download the FarmMoreForage App
• Benefits of using Formulated Products over a Tank Mix
• Hay Crops Stewardship Reminder
• Nettle Control
• Buttercups - post flowering treatment
• Weed control in equine paddocks
• Do’s and Don’ts of knapsack spraying
• Silage inoculants: for wholecrop cereals
• Voluntary Initiative IPM Assessment Plan for Grassland and VI Champions
• FAQs

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