OFC Bitesize: Farming on the Frontline of Climate Change

OFC Bitesize: Farming on the Frontline of Climate Change


OFC Bitesize On-Demand

Our second Bitesize, Farming on the Frontline of Climate Change, in partnership with Nature Friendly Farmers Network, travelled to Africa, Australia and the UK to hear from three farmers who are facing climate change.

Discussion included the need for stronger collaboration within the industry, looking for new varieties of crops that are resilient to major weather changes, a drive to ensure farms remain profitable, the need for better knowledge and awareness of what is already happening on-farm and a strong focus on making the most of resources currently available.

Despite the droughts and associated economic impact, Ellen Litchfield from South Australia said that productivity has significantly increased across livestock and cropping sectors, because farmers can increase their resilience by investing in natural capital, climate adaptive breeds, solar energy and sharing their story to maintain social license.

Martin Lines from the UK highlighted the importance of improving the soil quality, biodiversity and landscape, in order to be viable into the future. He also touched on the reintroduction of livestock to fertilise and feed off his cover crops.

Whilst Tumaini Elibariki from Tanzania talked about the need to plant cover crops to improve moisture retention, and in the event of floods, soil erosion is limited due to the protection of crops.

It wasn’t just the speakers that delivered an international feel to this Bitesize. Questions and discussion came from attendees all across the world including Tanzania, Spain, Germany, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria and the Ukraine, sharing different perspectives and ideas to manage climate change.

If you missed the event, or joined us and would like to watch back, the video is now available on-demand via our website. Just click on the video below or you can find it here.

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