We report here on 2021 wheat trials using SMART ROTATIONS 3 (SR3) liquid bacteria. These trials were undertaken ‘on the farm’ with replicated treatment tramlines/plots and statistically analysed using combine readings.



Applied on farms in both UK and Hungary on different wheat varieties, we see here the yield uplift at 100% nitrogen that we have seen consistently in previous years’ trials. We again see an increase in yield over the control for the 80% nitrogen treatment for the spring wheat.


Wheat crops treated with SR3 bacteria consistently gave grain yield uplifts both in the UK and international field trials, demonstrating how increased beneficial microbes’ activity in the soil increases nutrient uptake efficiency in plants. SR3 application at lower nitrogen offers resilience to yield decline through the more efficient use of applied nitrogen and increased nitrogen retention in soils. In the spirit of full disclosure, it is noteworthy to mention that 2020 wheat trials in the UK reported a slightly greater impact on wheat yield uplift than in 2021. The conjecture here is that the soil temperature in 2021 slowed down the replication of the bacteria in the ground due to the cooler spring.


If you seek to modulate your nitrogen inputs in wheat in 2022, apply SR3 Wheat in spring. You can reserve your stock (without commitment) here.

For further information on the different SMART ROTATIONS SR3 Rhizobacteria products, please see: https://smart.plantworksuk.co.uk/product-category/sr3/
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