Stress-busting benefits of Albatross biostimulant confirmed in replicated field trials 2021

Potato productivity is greatly reduced with temperatures above the optimum of 20oC. The earlier in the season heat stress occurs, the more negative the impact on growth and yield. Previous research commissioned by Interagro has shown the positive effects of biostimulants on potato crops which experience heat /drought stress during the growing season. Replicated field trials conducted by Greencrop Information in 2021, showed that new seaweed biostimulant Albatross, is just as effective in helping to minimise the effect of temperature stress on the potato crop, with significant yield increases achieved as a result.

Effect of Albatross on Potatoes - KEY TAKE AWAYS

  • The rate of tuber bulking in untreated plots was reduced after stress
  • Albatross had a significant, positive effect on post-stress rate of bulking
  • Albatross increased yield at August and September lifts by over 30%
  • Albatross showed real positive effects on the performance of potatoes

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Where to Purchase

Albatross is available to purchase online through Farm Marketplace and Farm Deals.
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