TFF CPD Points

TFF CPD Points

TFF has teamed up with BASIS and NROSO to allow members to apply for CPD points - an acknoweldgement of the amount of technical information available on TFF.

You can also now apply for Dairy Pro CPD Points via TFF!

To apply for the points you must be an 'active' member of TFF. You must also have made at least 5 posts on the forum.

BASIS, Dairy Pro and NROSO are all awarding 2 CPD points per year and they are available now.

Apply for your TFF CPD Points​

  • TFF BASIS Points​

    Click here to apply for TFF Basis Points
  • TFF Dairy Pro Points​

    Click here to apply for TFF Dairy Pro Points
  • TFF NROSO Points​

    Click here to apply for TFF NROSO Points
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Help & FAQ's​

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about the CPD Points.
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