Using organic pesticides on conventional farms

Using organic pesticides on conventional farms

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I have just published a blog post on the above topic. I would to get the thoughts of end users on the content and the subject in general.
I would be especially interested in perspective from farmers who have tried organic pesticides.

The full blog post can be found here:

While some think organic farmers forego all pesticides, this is not the case at all. And, in fact, there are approximately 30 compounds that are permitted for use in organic farming to control pest and diseases.

Most of these compounds are not on the radar of conventional farmers or even a lot of organic growers for that matter! This is because products containing them are not massive money makers for the multinational pesticide manufacturers. As such these products are not marketed to farmers or talked about at trade events. Plus, they are organic, so surely can’t be that effective, right? And while that might be true for some of these compounds, some of them are EXTREMELY effective pesticides. For this reason we at Eutrema feel every farmer should consider using select ones as part of any pest and disease control programme. This is particularly the case for the four products listed below, which have exceptional potential for UK crops, especially as the number of conventional pesticides being approved declines.

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