Controlling pests which could potentially endanger our health, food supply, the environment and wildlife, is an extremely important service in both urban and rural environments. However, it is crucial that this work is carried out in a responsible way by highly trained individuals to ensure non-target species are protected.

Over the past few years the UK Government has produced stricter requirements on the pest control sector. The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) stipulates that only qualified individuals can purchase professional rodenticide products.

BASIS accredited pest control courses are one way to achieve this qualified status as CRRU’s requirements are met by both the Principles of Rodent Control and the Rat Control for Gamekeepers courses. Both these courses provide a thorough understanding of rodent control, with specific courses developed for different working environments.

Wildlife Aware is an excellent follow up course on rodent control, with a greater focus on environmental impacts and protecting wildlife. This will further your knowledge and is especially useful for those working in a rural environment. After successfully completing the exam, candidates will be able to display the Wildlife Aware logo to signify their competence in rodent control whilst minimising exposure to non-target species.

In addition to our rodent control courses, BASIS also provides the Principles of Insect Control course. This provides you with the required knowledge for the successful control of insect pests, whilst reducing your risk of harming the environment. The certificate provided after successfully completing this course is ‘proof of professional competence’ and will allow you to purchase insecticides labelled as only for use by ‘trained professionals’.

The BASIS Certificate in Game Management is a recently developed course which covers all aspects of gamekeeping. It is the first accredited qualification for game managers in the UK and provides the knowledge required to effectively manage a successful shoot, both in terms of rearing game as well as promoting biodiversity and environmental awareness.

Available courses include:
Wildlife Aware
Principles of Insect Control
Principles of Rodent Control
Certificate in Game Management

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