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Allied Weighing
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    About Allied Weighing

    Allied Weighing has over twenty years experience in the weighing machine industry and can supply all your weighing needs, including servicing, repairs, and calibration as well as making bespoke scales to suit your requirements. We are based in North Wales and run our business from home which is one of the reasons why we are able to offer our weighing equipment at considerably lower prices than our competitors. We also have full backup for any queries that might arise via our technical adviser.

    Give us a call on 01745 860533 or 07802 448283 and ask for Adam or sue 7 days a week.

    Aluminium Cattle Platform



      • Size 2100mm long by 660mm wide and 75mm high
      • Can be situated either in the cattle race or will fit inside most flat bottomed crushes.
      • 2000Kg capacity x 0.5Kg division comes supplied with 4mof armoured cable to the display.
      • All aluminium constructiondigital weighing scales 6mm aluminium folded chequer plate deck and very strong aluminium box section ladder frame chassis.
      • Fully waterproof with high capacity nickel steel load cells rated at IP67 and stainless steel waterproof display.
      • 2 year guarantee. Fully calibrated and ready to use.
      • Ideal for weighing all your cattle quickly- with unique animal weigh feature which eliminates the "swinging needle" of old style weigh scales.
      • 100 hrs usage on one charge can work direct from mains as well, supplied with charger.

    Weigh Beams


    • Large 3000Kg x 0.5Kg capacity (other capacities available on request.)
    • Large easy to read IP67 waterproof display.
    • 1200mm long x 100mm wide (other sizes availablemade to your requirements).
    • Fully portable with 2.5m of armoured cable between the beams and 2.5m to the display. Digital weighing scales
    • Display comes with wall mounting kit so can be mounted to the crush or wall or hand held.
    • Rechargeable battery powered or direct from mains. 100hrs use on single charge.
    • Fully sealed nickel steel IP67 rated high capacity loadcells with huge overload protection.
    • Robust proven manufacture designed to withstand side impacts from lively animals.
    • 2 year guarantee and simple to use comes fully calibrated and ready for use.
    • Animal weigh feature as standard and 2 year guarantee.
    • A simple and cost effective way to keep track of your livestock weights.Rugged Mobile device.

  2. Old Spot

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    Good morning,
    I would like to start weighing beef cattle.
    I have two crushes at different locations and a mobile handling system.
    That sounds a bit grand!
    I make everything myself but I think I would struggle with a weighing platform.
    Please could you give me some idea of costs.
    Is it advantageous to get the grant, is it easy to get and still available.

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