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ARK Agriculture

Discussion in 'Agricultural Company Pages' started by Chris F, Jun 18, 2018.

ARK Agriculture
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  1. Chris F

    Chris F Staff Member


    ARK Agriculture are the UK leaders in silage storage pioneering the patented sloping walled silage clamp and the complete Oxygen barrier silage sheet system.

    ARK Silage Clamps

    ARK Agriculture has built more than 50 silage clamps throughout the UK for dairy and livestock use as well for anaerobic digestion plants.

    The unique design on the ARK silage clamp produces silage of the highest quality, reduces silage waste to less than 5% (saving you money) and provides a safe environment to work due to the platform provided by the earth banks - particularly useful when sheeting the clamp.

    Read more on our website: www.arkagriculture.com
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  2. Will Wilson

    Will Wilson Member

    Please see attached images of ARK Agriculture silage clamps installed in the UK.

    pic1 .jpg IMG_0001.JPG IMG_0318.JPG WP_20170413_13_52_20_Pro.jpg Image for front page of leaflet.jpg
  3. Will Wilson

    Will Wilson Member

    ARK Agriculture, known for their expertise in silage clamp construction and silage clamp covering, are launching a new range of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) bunding and spill containment solutions for the UK anaerobic digestion and agricultural sectors.

    The lightweight and durable range of bunds, sumps and spill trays are designed for the long term safe containment of IBCs, oil drums and agrochemical containers and are suitable for all oils and 95% of chemicals used on farms or anaerobic digestion plants.

    The range can be supplied anywhere in the UK as standalone transportable units or custom fitted to existing areas like chemical stores and fuel tanks.

    ‘We are always looking to bring new products and services to the UK agricultural sector and this is a good example of the sort of technology that is more common in an industrial setting but could have several advantages for the farmer or AD operator’, Comments ARK Director Will Wilson.

    Using the systems will ensure that liquids like oil and disinfectant leaking from steel drums or IBC’s will not enter water courses which could cause significant environmental pollution and hefty fines.

    ‘The great thing about GRP is it doesn’t rust or rot, it’s light weight and the units provide a very simple and cost effective solution to keeping you and your site safe and compliant’.

    The full range extends to over 44 off the shelf products all of which are manufactured to the latest Environment Agency requirements and the range spans a single IBC spill container right up to a 12 IBC system or 2,000ltr spill tray with steel supports and anti-slip grating.

    ‘The systems are manufactured in the UK and we can offer a bespoke service as well- I don’t think there are any challenges that we couldn’t find a solution to,’ adds Mr Wilson.

    If you would like to find out more please get in touch with the team at ARK agriculture. You can read more about the company and the range here –



    ARK Agriculture is the Uk leader in silage storage - pioneering the patented sloping walled clamp design and more recently a range of oxygen barrier silage sheets. There are over 70 Ark clamps in the UK storing silage for use in the AD and livestock sector. If you have any further questions or if we can provide pictures etc. please get in touch on 01787220560 or email sales@arkagriculture.com

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  4. Will Wilson

    Will Wilson Member

  5. Will Wilson

    Will Wilson Member


    ARK Agriculture launches new safety shirt range for farmers

    Farm safety is something that the industry is going to great efforts to improve and one way you can make your farm a safer place to work is to ensure your staff wear hi-visibility clothing.

    This might mean having to wear fluorescent vests over work clothes - hi-vis vests can be forgotten, dirty and uncomfortable when they are worn for long periods in tractor cabs.

    ARK Agriculture, better known for their innovation in silage clamps and silage clamp covering, have the solution with their unique range of extremely highly quality, high visibility work shirts.

    ‘We took our time to find the right partner to supply us the best possible hard wearing and comfortable shirts on the market and the Swedish company Blakladers range ticked those boxes,’ Says ARK Director Will Wilson.

    The shirts have the same ‘built in’ visibility requirements as conventional florescent jackets ; High Vis class 1 requirements, and EN ISO 20471- the shirts marked UV also meet the requirements EN1356-2 (UPF 40+) – sun protection

    They are made out of polyester and/or cotton which have been treated to create a breathable, tough and comfortable material that can easily be worn all day.

    ‘Having taken these shirts for a road test ourselves and after some awesome feedback from customers we can safely say these are a perfect safety solution for anyone working on a farm in the UK’

    The shirts can be branded with your own farm logo and ARK welcomes all enquiries for large and small volume orders.

    Call ARK now on 01787220560, email sales@arkagriculture.com
    or message ARK Agriculture on TFF

    Some of the advantages you might want to consider from ARK Safety Shirts.

    For the employer

    • Never have staff on site without wearing the appropriate high-vis (no more leaving mucky high vis vests in tractor cabs)

    • Easily identify the people on your farm, if they aren’t wearing your shirts, they shouldn’t be there

    • Invest in your staffs presentation and your farms image

    • Give your staff the right clothing from day one that will last well and they will want to wear

    • Reduce the risk of staff being injured on your farm
    For the employee
    • A sense of team unity on the farm

    • Reduces the chance of serious injury to staff at night and working in low visibility areas

    • Easy to clean, the shirts will not shrink after multiple washes

    • Hard wearing double stitched seams and wicking material that reduces sweating and odour during long work days

    • Less personal cost for clothing, more hygienic as shirts can be laundered ‘on farm’
  6. Will Wilson

    Will Wilson Member


    The Maize Growers Association figures for the maize crop this year indicate that a 43t /ha crop will be costing about £29 per tonne fresh weight to grow - a lower yield will inevitably push this figure up.

    This could be an unfortunate but likely scenario for many after a dry summer.

    Waste in silage clamps can be as high as 20% or as low as 5% in well managed and covered clamps.
    But how much of your silage will be affected by your choice of sheeting?

    See - https://dairy.ahdb.org.uk/…/do-yo...u-have-too-much-waste-in…/…

    'For clamps, the vulnerable zone is 0.5m from the side wall or the top sheet of the clamp. Many producers disregard this portion of the clamp as being the ‘bits around the side’ but these evaluations show a significant proportion (on average 27 per cent of the volume and 21 per cent of the fresh weight) of all the silage is in these vulnerable zones. For the clamps assessed, the average cost of filling the clamp was around £21,000, which means on average over £4,000 worth of silage is in the vulnerable zone'.

    When you are considering your silage clamps and covers - don’t cut corners come to ARK Agriculture and we will give you all the advice and products you need to keep clamps waste in single figures.

    This includes Oxygen Barrier silage sheets (no more cling film!) , netting gravel bags and our gravel bag fixing system.

    You can read more about the range here or give us a call!



  7. Will Wilson

    Will Wilson Member

  8. Will Wilson

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