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McConnel Ltd
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    Welcome to McConnel

    As the world’s leading manufacturer of reach arm, green maintenance and cultivation technology,
    McConnel has been setting new standards for innovation, quality, and precision engineering for more
    than 75 years.

    We continue to develop next-generation machinery - constantly refining our world-famous range of Power
    Arms with the latest technology and introducing exciting new products such as TwinCut – the world’s first
    dual rotor flailhead, ROBOZERO - the world’s first commercial zero turn remote control mower, and
    POWERBOOST – an intelligent hydraulics system which increases arm extension speeds by three times.
    McConnel is proud to fly the flag as one of Britain’s truly successful manufacturing companies, and
    despite the recession, we are going from strength to strength with record sales and exports to more
    than 40 different countries.

    We have ambitious plans for the future and are making a huge investment to expand and improve our
    capacity and further improve the quality of our products. We’re also investing in people offering
    scholarships and apprenticeships to the next generation of technicians, designers and engineers.
    The 2014 McConnel Product Guide showcases this comprehensive range of hedge cutting, mowing, and
    cultivation equipment and I hope it will prove invaluable in helping you find the perfect machine to meet
    your needs.

    See our products Guide here: Product Guide 2014.pdf
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    McConnel’s new TuffCut flailhead is setting new standards for strength and durability – featuring an innovative new lug design that’s 65% stronger and a larger diameter rotor that’s up to 75% stiffer.

    Created to withstand the busy workloads of professional contractors, TuffCut is available in 1.2m and 1.6m working widths and is compatible with a wide selection of McConnel flails. Key features of the new TuffCut rotor include:

     Cast weld-on lugs that are 65% stronger than wrap-around alternatives, enhancing strength and reliability

     A captive bolt-head protects the bolt and prevents it from rotating – enhancing longevity and durability

     Innovative design allows one-tool replacement of flails for quick and easy maintenance

     Larger rotor diameter increases stiffness by up to 75%

     Compatible with Back-to-back, Uni-boot, F10H, F10C, F14 and F16 Flails

    Created to withstand the busy workloads of professional contractors, TuffCut is available in 1.2m and 1.6m working widths and is compatible with a wide selection of McConnel flails. Key features of the new TuffCut rotor include:

     Cast weld-on lugs that are 65% stronger than wrap-around alternatives, enhancing strength and reliability

     A captive bolt-head protects the bolt and prevents it from rotating – enhancing longevity and durability

     Innovative design allows one-tool replacement of flails for quick and easy maintenance

     Larger rotor diameter increases stiffness by up to 75%

     Compatible with Back-to-back, Uni-boot, F10H, F10C, F14 and F16 Flails

    The new TuffCut flailhead is available on McConnel’s flagship 85-series Power Arms. For more information on McConnel’s full range of Flailheads, flails and Power Arms, please go to:


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    More power, greater comfort and a major upgrade in driver technology are the key benefits delivered by Kellands’ new MULTIDRIVE M380-4

    The biggest change is under the hood where a 225hp Cummins diesel engine delivers a 17% boost in power, a 20% increase in torque and a reduction in fuel consumption of around 8%. Fully compliant with European Tier-4 legislation the new engine will slash emissions by around 90%.

    Key new features include:

    • NEW - Hydraulic cab mounting system with enhanced soundproofing and insulation, improves the working environment by reducing noise by 5dB, lowering vibration and increasing operator comfort.

    • NEW - Innovative control console with a floating armrest which moves with the position of the seat to deliver the best in comfort and precision.

    • NEW - Offset steering mode, which delivers better traction and precise control when working on hillsides.

    • NEW - Multi-functional on-board computer systems and a high-visibility full-colour display with real-time performance and diagnostic information at a glance.

    • NEW - Joystick with easy-access thumb controls to enable operators to make a smooth changeover between manual and automatic transmission and gives precise control over rear axle steering, cruise control and implements.

    • NEW - Driver’s pack features reversing and nose cameras; electric mirrors; and additional bonnet lamps for greater safety and productivity.

    • NEW - Software system allows operators to finely configure steering and transmission settings to match personal preferences and field conditions – all from the comfort of the cab.

    • NEW - Improved rear steering and a major increase in engine torque deliver best-in-class traction.


    Capable of carrying a 10-tonne load such as a 5,000-litre sprayer unit or an 8-tonne spreader hopper, the machine can also haul an additional 18-tonne load at 50 km/h. Kellands’ Multidrive is one of the most versatile machines on the market, excelling as a self-propelled sprayer, spreader or multi-purpose load carrier.

    Its Mechanical Drive technology offers best-in-class traction - delivering power to all four wheels simultaneously for better grip and enabling operators to work safely in challenging conditions.

    With a top speed of 50 km/h and a quiet, comfortable cab, the Multidrive is fast and cost-efficient on the road, increasing the working range of contractors.

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    Customers from across Europe have seized the opportunity to try out McConnel’s full range of remote control machines at the company’s ROBO2016 experience days.

    The three-day event was held between March 15-17 and attractedcontractors, local authority teams, and environmental agencies from as far as Ireland and Switzerland – giving both new and experienced operators a chance to try out the machines on steep slopes in challenging working conditions.

    The event also marked the full working debut of ROBOMAX, McConnel’s 80hp new all-terrain work platform, which can tackle slopes of up to 55 degree and delivers twice the power of the company’s best-selling ROBOCUT machine.

    Other machines on display included:

    • ROBOCUT – the world’s best-selling remote control tool carrier. Comes with a range of 17 different work attachments from a stump grinder to a fixed-tooth forestry flailhead.

    • ROBOPOWER – part of the new wave of unmanned tractors, this innovative 140hp machine has front and rear three-point linkage for universal compatibility.

    • ROBOLOAD – features a 40hp Isuzu diesel engine, a powerful loader bucket capable of lifting more than 300kg, and is compatible with the full range of ROBOCUT attachments and accessories.

    • ROBOMOZ – a high-performance all-terrain slope mower with a Yanmar 33hp engine and six different attachments

    • ROBOZERO – the world’s first commercial remote control zero-turn mower
    Irish contractor Rob Hall said the event had highlighted the huge potential for remote control machinery in the green maintenance market.

    He said: “ROBO2016 has given us a chance to see just how effective these machines are. We were really impressed by the power and the productivity of ROBOMAX and how easy it is to master.”

    McConnel general manager Christian Davies said: “For the first time customers have not only been able to see our full range of remote control machines in action, they have also had the opportunity to try them out.

    “The event has enabled us to showcase the entire range and show both customers and dealers the huge benefits in safety and productivity our products can deliver.”

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    Twose of Tiverton (est. 1830) is to merge with its sister company McConnel (est. 1935) - combining the skills and resources of two of the most illustrious names in British agricultural engineering.

    The move, which will take place on 1st May 2016, will see the creation of a specialist Grassland and Arable Machinery Division resulting in a wider product offering which will generate new opportunities for growth.

    Twose’s comprehensive range of cultivation and farm machinery, including its market-leading range of agricultural folding rollers will be added into McConnel’s arable and seeding machinery portfolio - enabling the company to offer a one-stop shop for all of its agricultural and green maintenance machinery products.

    The major benefits to our overseas distributors, dealers and customers will be :

     The creation of a one-stop shop for the products of the two famous companies Twose and

    McConnel within a newly created Grassland and Arable Machinery Division

     Newly formed specialist sales and technical support teams to assist all customers

     An increase in dealer coverage across the UK along with additional overseas distributors for sales, service, and spare parts

     Increased promotional activities leveraging the McConnel and Twose brands whilst respecting their proud historical heritage

     To avail additional investment in the research and development to ensure a steady flow of new products

    These changes will be seamless for distributors, dealers and customers.

    All Grassland and Arable machinery will be produced at the Alamo Manufacturing Service’s multi-million pound production facility at Salford Priors, whilst the hedge and verge cutting machinery will continue to be manufactured at the award-winning Ludlow factory.

    Alamo Group Europe – UK Agricultural Division’s General Manager Christian Davies said: “the establishment of a new Grassland and Arable machinery division is an exciting development for our agricultural group”.

    “The bringing together of two of our famous brands, adding in new products, the establishment of a new specialist sales and technical support teams, increasing the availability of our products more locally will bring huge benefits to all of our customers worldwide”.
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    McConnel Rakaerator

    Featuring a 7.4m working width; three-point linkage (CAT II and CAT III); and fast, effective hydraulic folding for safe transport, the RAKAERATOR has been created for farmers and contractors as the perfect complement for McConnel’s new low-disturbance SEEDAERATOR drill.

    With its low horsepower requirements, wide working width and a working speed of up to 25 km/h, the Rakaerator is one of the most productive rakes on the market.

    Folding tine row
    The Rakaerator is equipped with an innovative folding row of tines at the rear to reduce the transport length.

    Designed to evenly distribute straw and crop residue, the RAKAERATOR accelerates rotting and creates a fine tilth 20-50mm deep - retaining soil moisture below and leaving behind a perfect environment for weed seeds and volunteers to germinate.

    The machine is also highly effective at destroying slug eggs and habitat.

    Heavy-duty build quality and a choice of tine options ensure it's also one of the best choices in terms of reliability and customisation.

    Key features
    • 7.4m working width
    • Three-point linkage mounting
    • Hydraulic folding for safe transport
    • 144 hard-wearing 14mm tines
    • Six rows of tines
    • 50mm tine spacing
    • 16mm tines also available
    • Hydraulic adjustment of the tine angle
    • Simple, low maintenance design
    • Folding rear tine-row
    • Cushioned top-link
    • Lighting Kit
    Easy to adjust
    Hydraulic adjustment of tine angle on-the-fly ensures the working angle can be changed quickly and easily for optimal performance in a wide variety of different working conditions. The machine also features a folding rear tine row to reduce the transport length and improve comfort and safety.

    Durable design
    Boasting a robust steel frame, close ground contour-following, and a low draught, the Rakaerator is durable and easy to maintain

    • Highly productive
    • Fast, effective hydraulic folding
    • Creates a perfect seed bed
    • Creates a fine tilth
    • Rugged construction
    • Destroys slug eggs
    • Safe and comfortable in transport mode
    Productive tine configuration
    50mm tine spacing produces excellent soil movement and trash flow. McConnel offers a choice of different high tensile steel tines. 14mm diameter tines are fitted as standard while 16mm are available as an option.

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    Introducing... ROBOCUT 2019!

    McConnel has a firm reputation for blazing trails with quality, innovation and technology. Now the company has introduced the ultimate in remote control with the new Robocut range, which was previewed at Saltex show on the 31st October. Designed for the most challenging conditions, the all-terrain capability of McConnel remote control has been unequaled.

    The Robocut range surpasses all expectations with an exciting new ground up design which incorporates the very latest advanced technology and matches it to years of experience. Three machines, with entirely new specifications and more power than ever, are married to revolutionary remote intelligence for greater output, safer and more precise control. The Robocut models are designed to take on hazardous operation and the most demanding gradients in a wide range of different work environments. This they take in their stride from the smallest mower, the Robocut RC28 to the full size RC56 and RC75. The Robocut RC28 promises a breakthrough in innovation and performance with a new and powerful EFI engine, low fuel consumption and low emissions combined with a low centre of gravity for smooth operation.

    The RC56 and RC75 share the same new, outstanding, body design that is fully enclosed to keep out grass and debris. There’s a long list of new features including the Hatz 56hp and 75hp Diesel engines which have been OEM modified and tested specifically for Robocut. Double the fuel capacity improves efficiency, enabling up to twelve hours between refills. There is a revolutionary new hydraulic head flotation system that can be programmed to suit different attachments and conditions. Boasting the leading power-to-weight ratio on the market, the centre of gravity has been lowered in the new models for greater slope capacity. The Hetronic digital control system is supplied with two batteries that can be charged on board Robocut, so there’s no downtime waiting for charging. The control system is fully compatible and supported by the machines’ PCP. The 150m operational range allows for safe and flexible working, and there’s a new flailhead safety control system.

    For the first time GPS Autosteer will be available for Robocut, developed in conjunction with Trimble, a world leader in a wide range of positioning technologies. GPS Autosteer enables operators to control precise cutting to an accuracy of up to 25mm from 150 metres away. It allows automatic remote plotting of cutting tasks for accurate working and maximum productivity, saving time, fuel and money.

    Robocut converts into a multi-functional machine with a range of attachment solutions available for the RC56 and RC75 including grass, forestry and mulcher flailheads, together with twenty-one existing McConnel attachments. Learn more about the new Robocut range by visiting Alternatively, you can visit and click in to our Remote Control Technology section.


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