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OPICO Limited
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    OPICO is one of Britain's largest independent distributors of agricultural machinery with over four decades of experience and knowledge of the trade. For a full list of our products Click Here.

    OPICO's product range includes Grass Harrows, Seeders, Grassland Subsoilers, Grassland Slitters, Comb Harrows, Pasture Harrows, Disc Harrows, Fertiliser Applicators, Post Hole Diggers, Front Linkages and Grain Dryers.

    OPICO is also the UK distributor for the HE-VA range of equipment, that includes Subsoilers, Combi-Lifts, Disc Rollers, Triple Tiller Stubble Cultivator, Front Presses, Grass Rollers, Cambridge Rolls and King Rolls.

    OPICO is now the UK distributor for the Maschio range of equipment, that includes Power Harrow, Rotary Cultivators, Flail Mowers and Combination Seed Drills

    OPICO is now the UK distributor for the GASPARDO range of Vacuum Precision Drills, the range consists of three precision planter units with a variety of frame options to provide a precision drill to suit most requirements.
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    Sky no-till and min-till drill specialist appointed

    OPICO has appointed Joe Redman as Product Specialist for its new range of trailed min-till and no-till drills which will be launched at LAMMA 2016.

    Joe will be in charge of demonstrations and providing technical knowledge to support the OPICO sales team after the launch of the two new Sky-Agriculture machines, the EasyDrill and the MaxiDrill. He will also provide support to the OPICO Dealer network, his role encompassing training dealers and operators how to use the drills, whilst setting off machines on farm.

    Joe is a farmer’s son, with machinery experience from working on farms in France and Australia as well as the family farm in Bedfordshire. His first experience of direct drilling and cover cropping was whilst working in France and he is an enthusiastic supporter of min-till and no-till cultivations.

    Commenting, James Woolway, OPICO’s Managing Director said, ‘This is a great opportunity for OPICO to provide much more than just a drill. Joe’s technical product knowledge and expertise in min-till and no-till drilling techniques will prove invaluable to customers.’

    Come and talk to Joe and the Sky-Agriculture team on stand B10a at LAMMA 2016.
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    First display of new trailed no-till and min-till drills at LAMMA

    LAMMA visitors will be able to see for the first time, two new trailed drills from French manufacturer Sky Agriculture - the no-till EasyDrill and the min-till MaxiDrill, which have just been introduced into the UK by OPICO [stand no: B10a].

    The EasyDrill is easy to set-up and use, and its unique design confers great versatility. It is suitable for no-till, minimum till, or conventional drilling systems, and is also an ideal choice for drilling into cover crops.

    The MaxiDrill is designed to provide a high speed minimum tillage drilling solution with various options which give it the flexibility to work in a conventional plough-based cultivation system, and also as a no-till drill in light soils. Moreover its clever design allows drilling to continue even when conditions turn sticky.


    Two new trailed no-till and min-till drills from Sky Agriculture will be on display for the first time at LAMMA 2016, on OPICO’s stand.

    Below, the 6m Easy Drill in Rape stubble

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    New Parts Assistant to expand OPICO Team

    OPICO has appointed Stewart Whitworth to join the Parts Department, expanding the team to reflect the increasing portfolio of OPICO products.

    Stewart has a respected engineering background, having spent three years with Grimme and working previously in parts and logistics.

    In his new role, he will cover all brands in the OPICO range including HE-VA, Maschio, Gaspardo, Sky min and no-till drills and the recently acquired Strautmann range of fodder transport and feeding technology.

    Commenting James Woolway said, ‘It is important that OPICO retains its excellent customer and dealer service interface and Stewart’s appointment will help the team keep pace with the ever-increasing and challenging parts range that we now supply.’
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    The Sky "No-till and Cover crop Roadshow" is aimed at providing some clarity on the benefits and pitfalls of different cover crop species and mixtures. OPICO and our dealers are inviting farmers to come and learn more about the benefits of integrating cover crops into their rotations and how to navigate the transition to No-till. No direct drill is a magic wand that will allow farmers to instantly farm without tillage. There is a transitional period required between conventional tillage and No-till where soils need to be improved and rotations altered to allow No-till to be successful. At the meetings we intend to outline some of the key aspects to consider and provide information from Sky's extensive experience with Cover crops and No-till in many parts of Europe and the world.


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    Sward Rejuvenator

    3m Sward Rejuvenator - a new grassland improvement machine which consists of an aggressive Shattaboard with slicing plates, 2 rows of heavy duty harrow tines, an Air 8 Grass seeder and a Prisma roller.The Slicing plates and harrow tines break up and level the soil surface in front of the grass seed outlets and the soil is then firmed behind by the Prisma roller.

    The aggressive Slicing plate and harrow action makes the Rejuvenator ideal for use in badly poached fields which require restoration. It can also be used – minus the seeder – For harrowing grassland to remove trash and stimulate grass growth, and for molehill levelling.

    Furthermore the action of the new heavy 550/600mm diameter Prisma Roller cracks and breaks clods produced by the front equipment to create a fine tilth for grass seed to germinate in. As a result the machine is ideal for both grassland rejuvenation and reseeding cultivated land.

    Aggressive slicing plates
    The slicing plates constructed of sprung steel, work to break up hard soil and level uneven ground.

    2 rows of heavy-duty tines level and break up the surface to allow oxygen to get to the root zone, also helping to create tilth to help the seed germinate if using a seeder with the Sward Rejuvenator
    The heavy 550/600mm diameter Prisma Roller cracks and breaks clods produced by the front equipment to create a fine tilth for the grass seed to germinate in.

    The machine is idea for both grassland rejuvenation and reseeding cultivated land


    A jack stand and turn-buckle allow easy and safe attachment and removal from the tractor.


    Optional Seeder

    The grass seeder seed rate can be varied from 1 to 80kg* per hectare, according to the type of seed being sown and whether reseeding or overseeding. Where oversowing only specific areas of a field, Electronic seeders can also be switched on or off during the harrowing operation.

    Available in 3m working width in mounted and trailed versons.
    Price List.
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    Maschio boosts horsepower across its range

    New generation HD gearboxes are now fitted as standard to the Maschio ORSO, TORO and JUMBO range of power harrows.

    ‘As tractor horsepower continues to increase on our customer’s farms, Maschio has developed a new series of machines with gearboxes large enough to cope with the challenge,’ explained David Day, Maschio Product Manager. ‘The new gearboxes have double the oil capacity, strengthened parts and increased cooling capacity making them capable of smoothly transferring the extra horsepower, whilst increasing the longevity of our machines.’

    New heavy duty bevel gears have been installed in the gearboxes, with 85mm shaft diameters, increasing their width by 5mm, making them stronger and more resilient.

    To keep the machines running smoothly, a forced oil recycling system has been fitted with twin holes at the top of the gearbox, increasing oil flow to where it’s needed. The new gearboxes use synthetic oil and have a glass oil plug for ease of checking oil levels. Double drain plugs for gearbox oil also make maintenance an easier task.

    Any extra heat generated is easily dissipated by 300mm (33% larger) cooling fans and enhanced ventilation, with outer fins fitted to increase surface area and radiate heat to keep the gearbox cooler.

    The new gearboxes have undergone intense testing in the Italian market and they have been put under close scrutiny in the UK to ensure they can handle even the toughest ground conditions and long working hours.

    Another new feature on the power harrows is welded blade support, alongside strengthened, wear-resistant 16mm thick, tungsten-coated blades which are capable of a working depth of 28cm. Maschio’s well-proven ‘Rapido’ tine system then ensures that when the blades do need replacing it’s a simple and rapid task.

    The Maschio power harrows are now available in a range of models from 30 horsepower to 550 horsepower, with widths from 1.3m to 8m.

    Horsepower has specifically increased to 300Hp in the ORSO, 400Hp in the TORO and a mighty 550Hp in the JUMBO range.
    thumbnail_Maschio Gearbox 2.jpg

    New Maschio gearbox, showing heavy duty bevel gears.​
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    Subsoiler to battle blackgrass and maximise oilseed rape performance​

    HE-VA has added an ultra-low disturbance Subsoiler seeding package into its line-up of cultivation kit.

    Designed specifically for establishing oilseed rape in a cost-effective, timely manner, the new rig has a series of features that aid in minimising surface disruption and maximising seed germination rates.

    * Opening discs

    * Low disturbance legs with variable row spacing

    * Reduced disturbance points with shallow profile wings

    * Aligned V-Profile roller rings

    * Accu-Disc seed coulters

    * Dual hopper Variocast Twin seeder unit

    * Banded Slug Pellet application outlets.

    Up front, a major structural alteration allows the headstock frame to accommodate opening discs ahead of the legs. The key advantage of this is the discs eliminate the bow-wave of soil that can be thrown up, disturbing the surface across the full working width of the machine. With discs cutting down through the top layer, that updraft is kept below ground and the soil on top remains undisturbed, limiting weed seed germination and moisture loss. The additional benefit of an opening disc is that it will cut through crop residues, enabling the Subsoiler to work in trashier, damper conditions.

    New slimline tines slot into the regular leg carriers which can be slackened off and shifted across the box-section frame to vary tine spacing. Typically a 3m version will have seven legs to create a narrower than normal 43cm row spacing, thought to be the optimum in aiding oilseed rape to outcompete weeds.

    15mm wide (rather than the standard 25mm) and made from higher grade steel, the new legs help to further reduce the amount of soil thrown up and accommodate a fresh design of tungsten-tipped points and shallower-pitched wings. These features combine to reduce the draft/power requirement of the Subsoiler by almost half. While these legs are less power hungry and create less surface disturbance they still improve soil structure and create all-important drainage.

    Following directly behind, there is a new version of the well-proven V-Profile roller. Its rings are now aligned to closely flank the channel opened by each leg. This creates more sideways heave to close the slot and therefore minimise the chance of seed ending up at a depth where it is unable to germinate and emerge successfully.

    This is ideal for the Accu-Disc coulters that follow, providing a decent strip of surface tilth in which to drill the seed. Mounted on individual parallelogram linkages with a rubber-press/depth wheel following behind, they can independently rise and fall to follow contours, ensuring the seed is always placed at the correct depth.

    Supplying these double-disc coulters, the twin hopper seeding unit can also be used to distribute slug pellets or other granular products through a second set of outlets incorporated on the rear of the AccuDisc units. Alternative outlets can also be positioned ahead of the V-Profile roller.

    “All these features combine to make the HE-VA Subsoiler one of the most comprehensive, purpose-designed packages for oilseed rape establishment on the market,” says James Woolway, Managing Director of HE-VA distributor OPICO.

    “Critically the key attributes of low surface disturbance and low draft mean it can aid in the battle against problem grassweeds and has a lower power requirement than more run-of-the-mill machines.”

    Available in trailed and mounted formats from 3m to 7m, prices for the low disturbance HE-VA Subsoiler start from £16,858. The low disturbance legs and points can also be retro-fitted to existing HE-VA Subsoilers.

    A top-spec, fully-loaded Subsoiler complete with seeder package will be on display at the OPICO HE-VA stand (no. B10) at LAMMA.

    thumbnail_CAD drawing of HE-VA low disturbance sub-soiler.jpg

    CAD drawing of low disturbance sub-soiler.

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    New Wider, Folding Version of Trailed Combi-Disc offers High Output, Single Pass Cultivation


    HE-VA has launched a further upgrade of its popular trailed Combi-Disc, with the new 450 and 550 models offering wider widths of 4.5m and 5.5m respectively, to provide growers with higher output, single pass machines for subsoiling, surface cultivation and consolidation.

    The new models can be specified with either shearbolt or hydraulic auto-reset legs.

    Ease of adjustment has been built into the design, so that the depth of both the subsoiler legs and discs can be hydraulically adjusted from the tractor seat. This allows the operator to make independent adjustments on the move for accurate control of cultivations. It can also be used as a subsoiler with the discs lifted out of work, a set of discs with the legs lifted up or as a complete one pass soil cultivator, all controlled from the cab.

    There are seven hydraulic reset tines on the 450 Combi-Disc which subsoil to a 350mm depth, with quick-change replaceable points. The 550 version has 9 legs. Optional low-disturbance subsoiling tines and points are also available.

    The 510mm diameter scalloped Sabre discs which follow the subsoiler legs will cut and mix to a depth of 125mm. The two rows of opposing discs can be hydraulically adjusted and, as they are pushed deeper in the soil, the angle of the disc is automatically altered, increasing their aggressiveness, to thoroughly mix and chop crop residues. The large, 700mm V profile press roller which follows gives good consolidation to leave a weatherproof finish.

    Commenting, James Woolway, OPICO’s Managing Director said, ‘The new folding Combi-Discs are ideal for rapid ground coverage, with wider working widths and higher horse-power rating, increasing the work rate without compromising on soil management. Machines are equally at home being used for shallow stale seedbed preparation on 180hp tractors, or working up to 350mm deep moving the whole soil profile on a 450hp tractor.’

    There is an optional minimal disturbance disc opener available. This slices through the surface layer in front of the subsoiling leg to reduce soil burst and ensure weed seeds are not brought up to the surface from depth.

    The Combi-Disc is an excellent tool for working ploughed land prior to drilling or for incorporating stubble and organic matter in a min-till system. A seeder kit can be added to plant cover crops or oilseed rape whilst cultivating, the seed is distributed behind a soil mat to ensure soil throw from the discs does not disrupt seed distribution.

    The 450 and 550 models fold to a transport width of 2.61m and have automatic transport locks for safe and simple road transport.
    He-VA Trailed Folding Combi-Disc 450 model

    The new folding trailed 450 Hydraulic reset Combi-Disc retails at £50,339 + VAT. The 550 version retails at £62,638 + VAT.
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    New Technical Support role at OPICO

    OPICO has appointed Chris Carter in a new role to expand the technical and sales support team to reflect the increasing portfolio of the company’s products.

    thumbnail_Chris Carter.jpg

    Chris has spent his career in engineering, starting out in the army then moving back to his family roots in agriculture. He has worked for tractor dealerships and, in more recent years, has specialised in both grassland and arable cultivations equipment.

    His strong machinery focus and extensive experience will be invaluable in his new role supporting dealers, responding to technical questions and ensuring that customers have access to all the information they require when purchasing or servicing machines.

    Chris will be based in Bourne at the OPICO headquarters but will spend a considerable amount of his time out in the field providing practical dealer support across the extensive and expanding range of OPICO brands, including SKY, HE-VA, Maschio, Gaspardo and Strautmann.​
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    Combi-Lift Pre-Cultivator launches at Cereals

    Combi-Lift Towing  Drill.jpg

    A new HE-VA Combi-Lift Pre-Cultivator will be launched at the Cereals event [stand 3052] which allows soil loosening at the same time as drilling or cultivating.

    Designed to subsoil up to 350mm (14”) deep, alleviating compaction and improving drainage, the Combi-Lift fits directly on the tractor linkage, incorporating a heavy duty rear linkage which can pull another implement behind.

    Commenting, James Woolway, OPICO’s Managing Director said, ‘This versatile machine is perfect for a range of tasks, and can be lifted out of work when not needed, whilst still operating the drill or cultivator. This means specific ground can be targeted, such as wheelings, poorly drained areas of the field or pockets of compaction.’

    It can be fitted with standard subsoiling legs and points or ‘low disturbance’ legs. In its standard format it is ideal for working in combination with shallow cultivators or cultivator drills, where compaction needs alleviating or soil needs restructuring.

    The low disturbance version consists of a narrower leg and smaller, specially designed, tungsten-tipped point. It can be used down to a depth of 250mm (10”) to address soil pans and compaction to encourage depth of rooting and improved drainage.

    ‘The low disturbance version is ideal where blackgrass is a problem, as it can perform a medium depth cultivation with very little disturbance of the soil surface,’ adds James Woolway.

    There is a hydraulic two point linkage on the rear of the Combi-Lift which allows the working depth of the tines to be easily adjusted from the tractor seat without affecting the drawbar height of the trailing machine.

    All models can be supplied with either ‘Hammer –Thru’ multi-segmented shearbolt (which reduces the need to carry shearbolts) or automatic hydraulic reset leg protection. The hydraulic reset allows the legs to trip back when they hit an obstacle and then reset automatically on the move.

    The Combi-Lift is available in 3m, 4m and 6m versions, starting at £7,683 + VAT. The 4m folding version fitted with low disturbance legs and points will be on display on the OPICO HE-VA stand (no. 3052) at Cereals, in front of the 4m Sky EasyDrill. The 4m Combi-Lift retails at £14,500 +VAT.
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    OPICO appoints Rob Immink as Maschio Gaspardo Sales Manager

    thumbnail_Rob Immink (1).jpg

    OPICO has appointed Rob Immink to head up the Maschio Gaspardo sales team across the UK.

    Rob joins OPICO with twenty one year’s experience in the agricultural machinery industry, bringing with him extensive knowledge of cultivations and crop establishment. Furthermore, he is already well-known and regarded amongst dealers and farmers.

    In his new position, Rob will be responsible for UK sales of the Maschio Gaspardo product range, dealer development and support of the expanding sales team.

    ‘OPICO is committed to the Maschio Gaspardo brand,’ said James Woolway, OPICO Managing Director, ‘and Rob’s appointment will enable us to develop our dealer network, with a fully supported and reactive sales team behind him. Working alongside our experienced Product Manager David Day, Rob will help drive the brand forward and expand our share of the market.’

    Commenting Rob Immink said, ‘I have known the OPICO team for many years and am very excited to be joining such a professional company.’

    Rob will be based in Bourne at the OPICO headquarters but will spend a considerable amount of his time out in the field supporting his sales team and network of dealers across the UK.

    Rob Immink can be contacted on

    Mobile: 07494 789367

    Direct dial: 01778 391671

    Email: robin.immink@maschio.co.uk
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    New 10 Series MaxiDrill offers precision drilling

    The new Sky Maxidrill 10 Series will be launched in the UK on the OPICO stand [no. 840] at the Cereals event.

    First seen at Agritechnica in 2017, the overhauled drill has new and improved features including the ability to seed three different products from separate hoppers (eg seed, fertilizer and slug pellets), with individual metering systems, feeding into two distribution circuits, which can place product at two different depths. This means fertilizer application can be targeted, reducing the total amount applied and minimising waste. This is particularly useful in cooler, northern areas or where crops have a shorter growing window and need to get off to the best possible start.

    Commenting James Woolway, OPICO Managing Director said, ‘Originally launched in 2002 and with over 1,500 trailed drills at work across Europe, Sky’s MaxiDrill already has a proven track record. It is a high speed, versatile, machine with a large hopper capacity and can be used as a min-till drill into crop residues, as well as into ploughed and prepared seedbeds. It can also be used as a direct drill under certain conditions. The new features will improve its versatility across the UK market, offering precision seeding and application of fertiliser.’

    The new Series 10 Maxi Drill improvements include:

    • A new and improved “Fertisem” version, with separate distribution circuits meaning that seed and fertilizer are not mixed. The two different circuits allow seed and fertilizer to be placed at different depths, as well as reducing blockages caused by mixing them in damp conditions. Where three or more products are sown, the third product can be introduced to either distribution circuit and sown at the same depth as the first or second product. The three hoppers each have their own electronic metering units and are operated by a single control unit in the tractor´s cab.
    • The coulter has been re-designed to enable it to drill through large volumes of crop residues. The streamlined coulter incorporates smoothed and rounded components to slice through clinging straws and residues. The pressure on each coulter is adjustable from 0 to 120 kg, whilst the depth is adjustable through the parallelogram frame.
    • Designed with a long chassis, the MaxiDrill has the largest coulter stagger on the market. This gives it maximum clearance ensuring unrivalled residue flow and allowing it to work in wet, sticky and trashy conditions, late into the season, when most other min-till drills have been put away in the shed.
    • Redesigned cultivation discs. The new sealed hubs are maintenance-free and each disc is equipped with a rubber shock absorber to provide stone and shock protection.
    The new Series 10 MaxiDrill is available in 3m, 4m or 6m models with or without fertilizer, and with or without the third micro-hopper. The 4m and 6m models can be folded in two parts, allowing easy access to the discs and making emptying the hopper straight-forward.

    The separate transport axle allows for comfortable and safe road transport, but can also be used effectively in wet ground, when the transport wheels can lift the pressure off the cultivation and seeding elements, preventing blockages and ensuring the drill keeps working. When the weather catches the operator out, in extreme conditions, they can also be used to lift the drill out of work.

    Since the press wheels are not used for transport, and are dedicated to consolidating the seedbed, they run with low tyre pressure ensuring flex and an ability to shed excess soil and residue.

    Prices start at £79,632.00 + VAT.
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    Chandlers take on Maschio Gaspardo, Strautmann and SKY Brands

    OPICO Ltd is pleased to announce the expansion of its partnership with Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Limited, to include Maschio Gaspardo tillage and seeding equipment and Maschio flail mowers, SKY grain drills and Strautmann forage and feeding wagons. Chandlers has previously been a long-standing and successful OPICO dealer, selling and servicing the HE-VA range of cultivation machinery and OPICO range of grassland maintenance equipment and grain dryers.

    Chandlers (002).jpg

    Commenting, James Woolway, OPICO Managing Director said, “We couldn’t be more delighted that our full line-up of brands will be represented by Chandlers and we are confident that all our customers will continue to receive excellent support. Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Limited is one of the largest AGCO dealers in the UK and covers an area from Lincoln to the M25, and from Birmingham to the east coast. With a sales team of twenty-five, a fully trained network of service engineers operating out of seven branches and support from a knowledgeable parts team, I’m certain they will do an outstanding job.”

    Gavin Pell, Managing Director at Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Limited added, “OPICO headquarters is in Bourne, Lincolnshire, central to our area and perfectly located to provide us with the highest level of support. OPICO has product specialists dedicated to each of its brands to provide first-hand technical knowledge. This has been key to our success with the HE-VA and OPICO machines and I’m sure the same will apply with Maschio, Sky and Strautmann - we look forward to being of service to our local customers with these excellent product ranges.”

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