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    Ifor Williams

    LM 126 3500kg new or good used
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    soyl v local lime company

    When testing for ph who would you consider the most accurate Soyl with the fancy maps or the local lime firm cartel
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    W B F Threat

    Any predictions on wheat bulb fly this year
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    KV Tine Seeder

    Some talk on hear about stronger and low dis. points to make it a semi direct drill what became of the farmer trial or did I just dream it up.
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    What has this seasons ryegrass control been like. Looks worse than ever for me even on delayed ww drilling and on some spring sown wheat.Tried every product in the book nothing works . Still looking for the answer.
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    Low Disturbance Subsoiler

    Looking at lds not sure what is on the market. Bullock have one but on investigation looks like it is from Poland sensible price but is it strong enough ? Any ideas greatfuly recieved
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    pea drilling date

    Is it too late to drill combining peas (campus)
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    Electric Wheel Chair

    Electric wheel chair (not scooter) Very good condition with new battery fitted 12 months ago. Very easy to control by all age groups with many adj to fit all size people. Can be used in house or uot side very good traction and passes through all door as not too wide .New cost nearly £2ooo...
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    Electric wheel chair

    Electric wheel chair (not scooter) ideal for all size people as many adj to seat and sides and also height. NEW BATTERY FITTED 12 MONTHS AGO COMPLETE WITH CHARGER. Joy stick control and can be used in the house or out side good traction and very easy to control by all age groups will pass...
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    Maxilift top cover for Invincible

    Maxilift rear pick-up cover to fit Toyota Invincible uo to 2016 mod.On gas struts very light to lift open in white but can be re-sprayed. Also BED RUG loaqd liner for same truck .Should all be seen fitted £750 both or will split bargain as over £2k new
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    4x4 Vehicles: Toyota - Maxilift

    4x4 Vehicles: Toyota - Maxilift Category: 4x4 Vehicles Manufacturer: Toyota Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: Maxilift cover for hilux up to 2015 on gas struts white but could be re sprayed no drilling needed + bed rug load liner for same hilux both very clean Fitted onto...
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    What to do next?

    Last year rape full of blackgrass this harvest spring wheat after being ploughed early last autumn and pressed. This spring drilled with Varrdy direct into pressed land from last autumn with system discs out of work then rolled normal bl/weed control not a bg in sight last week when combined...

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