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    Rims for 800/65 r32 tyres onto MF 6718

    As above please
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    In cab suction cup brackets- for control box

    I’m looking for one of these for a curved window - any recommendations please
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    Points for old Ferguson plough

    Where can i get these please
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    Old style isobus socket

    Like this one please
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    800 65 r32 tyre

    For combine I have a pair of michellin mega x bib tyres on a combine They have 53mm of tread One has a sidewall repair which is starting to show cracking in the compound I am looking to replace the repaired tyre or trade my pair in against a new / secondhand pair
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    800 65 r32 tyre wanted

    For combine please
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    John Deere Brown box that will do Yield and Moisture on 2007 9780i CTS combine

    As above please - I have one but have lost the software on it!
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    John deere brown box yield monitor

    I have one of these but seem to have managed to get the settings wrong (by fiddling with the buttons) and now can’t get back It used to show farm field yield and moisture on the ‚run‘ page ie whilst combining Now it just shows the speed And nothing else When i go into setup - runpages they are...
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    Agco (Topcon) GPS vs Topcon GPS

    I'm told only Agco (topcon) will work through the datatronic screen and associated wiring in an MF 7718 - would I be better getting Agco Topcon or ordinary Topcon with a separate screen- I'm guessing the wiring on the tractor will be compatible with both?
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    Cultivator from LN5 (near Newark) to Tadcaster

    2.9m wide and 9.6m long 3.2 m high 4-5 t in weight
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    Grain bucket with jcb brackets

    preferably a fairly big one
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    Jcb q fit to matbro pin and cone adapter

    I’m looking for an adapter to be able to use my matbro buckets with a jcb loader please
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    Tracked Diggers : MF Industrial - 200B

    Tracked Diggers : MF Industrial - 200B Category: Tracked Diggers Manufacturer: MF Industrial Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: MF200B drott -Perkins 3 cylinder engine Best starter on the farm Loader with 4 in 1 bucket Backactor with 12,18,24” trenching...
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    Farm Tractors: Massey Ferguson - 390

    Farm Tractors: Massey Ferguson - 390 Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: Massey Ferguson Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: MF 390 4wd with quicke loader Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by clicking here [SIZE=2]This...
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    MF30 drill 4m and 6m

    2 MF 30 drills 4m with transport kit - single box - 6" spacing- always kept inside £1500 6m with transport trolley - single box -6" spacing - always kept inside £2000

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