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  1. D C

    doppstadt trac

    has anyone a book for the doppstadt trac 160? ive a couple of fault codes i could do with fettleing
  2. D C

    Drawbar trailer from Plymouth to crooklands, Cumbria

    I've a 16ft tandem axle flat trailer in Plymouth I could do with getting back to Cumbria. No mot. Thanks
  3. D C

    anyone using a bateson eurostock?

    In looking for a new cattle trailer, is anyone using the aerodynamic eurostock? Ive spoken to bateson and they seem very helpful and will make me a 10ft with the aerodynamic front. What are peoples thoughts on them?
  4. D C

    can you stop a tm190 boosting on the pto?

    Can you stop the boost on a tm 190 pto? Is there a sencor you could disconnect? Thanks
  5. D C

    any tips on getting a heifer to have a calf?

    Had a heifer have a dead calf about 5 days ago, I got a calf for her within 2 hrs but shes still not keen on it. She will let it suck if I stand with them but she would bray hell out of it if left alone. Any advice?
  6. D C

    some old pictures of silage at home

  7. D C

    whats this forager?

    Whats the yellow forager?
  8. D C

    iae suckler crush

    Anybody using the iae suckler crush? Any thoughts on them?
  9. D C

    1996 jcb 526 getting diesel into engine oil?

    Ive a 1996 jcb getting diesel in its engine oil, ive changed the lift pump and its no better. Its a perkins engine. Any thoughts what it will be?
  10. D C

    New lada niva

    just seen this. Apologies if it's already been done. Just the motor for @smcapstick
  11. D C

    John Deere 7810 at cheffins

    anyone seen this tractor in the flesh? What's it like? Hours?
  12. D C

    Anyone using iae rotex?

    im looking for a cattle handling system and wondered if anyone had any thoughts what was best?
  13. D C

    Any way to save flooded feed barley store?

    my barley was stood in a foot of water all last night, the heap is about 5ft high. Will this cause the whole lot to heat up and spoil or will the top be ok? Thanks
  14. D C

    Cattle movement book

    i currently keep a paper book to record cattle movements, do I need to do this or could I just download the history of my holding off the bcms website if I need to? Say for an inspection? Thanks
  15. D C

    deutz agrotron pto problem

    I have a deutz agrotron 4.90 and it jumps out of the540 pto gear every now and again. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Fairly happy its not the cable out of adjustment as it still does it with the cable disconnected. Any thoughts much appreciated
  16. D C

    Testing barley DM with microwave

    can I test the D M of barley by drying it in a microwave? Would like an idea of moisture content for adding propcorn as I don't have a moisture meter. Thanks
  17. D C

    Glyphosate after grass seeding?

    ive put some grass seed in to a old meadow after taking 2nd cut off yesterday. I've used spring tine harrows and rolled After. Could I spray with half rate glyphosate to slow the re growth or would it damage the seed?
  18. D C

    yara gramitrel on spring barley

    Any one use it? Thought I might give the spring feed barley a splash. Land had about 5ton pa of rough muck and some slurry will also be getting 50kgpa of AN
  19. D C

    12 month old limousin bull. cumbria

    12 month old ped lim bull for sale, good temperament, not been fed hard just in nice order to bull a few this summer. Sensible price
  20. D C

    M F 30

    Hello, I'm wondering if a mf 30 with discs would drill spring barley directly into sprayed off barley stubble? Just a thought as we are stoney ground and hard to plough. Thanks

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