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  1. Tarw Coch

    Roller shutter door question

    Is it possible to have a roller door that doesn’t need to be opened from inside?
  2. Tarw Coch

    Shed roof options

    Looking at replacing a shed close to the house and just wondering what my roofing options are. Have priced up a shed with fibre cement which can be supplied and put up fairly quickly. Just wondering about roofing options, would rather something that doesn’t stand out quite so much but done...
  3. Tarw Coch

    NVZ records and land purchase

    I’m in the process of buying some land next door. I have had some paperwork forwarded to me by my solicitor from the sellers solicitor and one of the things it states is the land isn’t in an NVZ. That’s not correct and on the face of it a minor detail but I’ve got to wandering do I need to hold...
  4. Tarw Coch

    Sprayer hand lance

    Looking fir a new quality sprayer hand lance, I’ve currently got one as above but have broke it . Found that on a quick google search but out of stock and can’t find anything on quadmaxx web site. Would ideally like to find one as pictured.
  5. Tarw Coch

    Covid Party

    It was on the news this morning, Apparently they’ve been having covid parties in America, someone confirmed with covid hosting a party and youngsters going along to see who’s be the first to get it. One 30 year old lad who went along thought covid was a hoax, he said on his death bed that he’d...
  6. Tarw Coch

    Best time to apply lime

    I’ve got some grass fields low in lime, tested in the spring, ph 5.2/5.4 . It was cut and baled a couple of weeks ago and is greening up nicely again now, will put some fert on next week, should get another cut before it is destined to be ploughed for wheat in the autumn . When’s best time to...
  7. Tarw Coch

    Manitou Clock

    How do you adjust the clock on a manitou? I’ve owned the darn thing for nigh on 6 years and getting fed up with the wrong time.
  8. Tarw Coch


    I see Eurotier is to go ahead although moved to February 9-12 2021
  9. Tarw Coch

    Grazing after fert

    How soon can I graze cows after applying fert? Not usually an issue as it usually goes on fairly soon after grazing but with it being so dry I’ve held off until we’ve had a bit of rain. Not sure how long this damp weather will last, so was wondering if it’s ok to put fert on now on the next...
  10. Tarw Coch


    Is anyone seeing any reps at the moment? I thought they were all grounded. Just found a catalogue and reps card left in the dairy, must have been at dinner time, the dogs were barking.
  11. Tarw Coch

    Push notifications

    TFF would like my permission to use push notifications, what does this mean? I’m sure if I’m seeing it, so are others.
  12. Tarw Coch

    Wiring Electric Plug

    [ Just had a boo boo, can anyone tell me which of these terminals is which for permanent live and earth. Thanks
  13. Tarw Coch

    Vaccy tank, 8” autofill or 6” turbo fill

    As above, which would fill a vaccy tank quickest? Talking to a dealer the other day and he was talking big money for 8” autofill compared to prices I’ve seen for turbo fills.
  14. Tarw Coch

    Midlands Machinery Show

    Looks like we’ll be going tomorrow, never been before, surprised I haven’t seen anyone mention it, is that a bad omen?
  15. Tarw Coch

    Green Grease

    Had a guy today trying to sell me some green grease which apparently lasts 5 times as long as ordinary grease reducing the frequency greasing is needed. Anybody heard of/using it and is it as god as the hype?
  16. Tarw Coch

    Irish Ploughing Match

    Never been, fancy going, been doing a bit of searching on google and can’t find out anything about this years ploughing, can anyone shed some light on when and where it is this year please.
  17. Tarw Coch

    Reclaim VAT on a Land Cruiser?

    i see in the FW someone is advertising a nearly new land cruiser with the claim that it is VAT qualifying which I take to mean the VAT can be reclaimed, is this possible? The same claim is made on their website,
  18. Tarw Coch

    Future Bulletproof Vehicles

    We often look back with the benefit of hindsight at vehicles which have proved to be extremely reliable over 15,20 or more years, be they tractors, 4x4’s or whatever. But is there anything made today that’s going to be looked back on in the same way? After all, most if not all these bomb proof...
  19. Tarw Coch

    Is the Union flag offensive?

    just seen a video on Facebook, security trying to kick a boxing fan out of the Manchester arena for wearing a Union Jack waistcoat. It was posted by a group called Fight for Brexit...............I can’t see what it’s got to do with Brexit and some rather unsavoury language was used, but I guess...
  20. Tarw Coch

    VAT Question

    How long have I got to reclaim VAT? Yesterday I received and payed 2 bills dating back to 2016 and 2017.

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