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  1. jack6480

    Organic matter %

    Hi I’ve had all my fields soil tested this year and have had the organic matter tested to. All the fields have come back around 3% or 4% I’m wondering how do you measure 1% organic matter? How many tons per acre is 1%? Thanks
  2. jack6480

    Fendt 820 error A.1.F3

    Hi can anyone point me in the direction to putting this error code right? Can’t unlock spools, was working fine then just went all of a sudden. There’s Plenty of oil in the hydraulic tank. Many thanks
  3. jack6480

    techneat terracast v2 manual

    Hi does anyone have an Online manual for one of these that they could email me. Many thanks Jack
  4. jack6480


    Does anyone know what a lot of moss on soils is an indicator for? Some of our fields are covered in moss especially wheat thats been planted, i know its been wet this time but last year fields were similar. Thank you
  5. jack6480

    The farming forum app doesn’t exist anymore

    Hi, got a new phone and tried to download the app but it says the farming forum app doesn’t exist I’ve searched for it but no sign in the App Store, could anyone help Thankyou
  6. jack6480

    CTM Weed surfer Staffordshire

    Does anyone know of a contractor who has one of these, I’m in Staffordshire. Many thanks
  7. jack6480

    Support Request Can’t see pictures

    Is this any app that’s the problem??
  8. jack6480

    OSR to spray or not to spray

    Agro is pushing me to spray, kestrel, toprex, dowshield and mobo onto my osr, crop looks really well at the minute and growing fast with the recent warmer weather. My plan was to only go on with trace elements and then n when flowering starts. It’s had nothing so far except a pre em. I’m keen...
  9. jack6480

    Bill bennet hitch to fit 820

    Uniglide hitch to fit 59 reg fendt 820
  10. jack6480

    Fendt 820 help

    My 820 brakes are very low down the pedal, they work but you have to push hard af. Is there anyway I can adjust them or should I be pulling the stick back?? Also my exhaust brake sticks and doesn’t seem to hold the tractor back on the road either, Can anyone give me some tips on this, are...
  11. jack6480

    Massey Ferguson 6490/6499

    10 reg or younger with no more than 4000 hours Cash buyer
  12. jack6480

    Massey Ferguson 6480

    Massey 6480 for sale 50k with air brakes Cab suspension plumbed into air brakes Front tyres 90% Rears 30% Hours 7134 but still being used Main job has been umbilical spreading £25,000 or nearest offer Based in Staffordshire
  13. jack6480

    Unable to upload pics on iPhone app

    As title says, when I try and upload a message pops up saying imagine not as expected, any ideas?
  14. jack6480

    Wooden hay cart

    Hi Could anyone tell me what this is worth? Thankyou
  15. jack6480

    Pickups and Vans : Ford - wildtrak

    Pickups and Vans : Ford - wildtrak Category: Pickups and Vans Manufacturer: Ford Price: £7000 Condition: Used Description: Ford Ranger wildtrak 3.0l 81,000 miles 4 new tyres price plus vat Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by clicking here...
  16. jack6480

    Foster bale squeeze/spike

    For sale due to selling loader tractor Thank you Jack 07709577094
  17. jack6480

    Quicke bucket 210

    Quicke 210 bucket for sale, only little use Near Stafford Thank you Jack 07709577094
  18. jack6480

    Tedder rakes: Kuhn - Kuhn

    Tedder rakes: Kuhn - Kuhn Category: Tedder rakes Manufacturer: Kuhn Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: Kuhn Tedder Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by clicking here [SIZE=2]This post was automatically created via...
  19. jack6480

    170cfm road compressor

    Looking for a used 170cfm or bigger, road compressor in good condition. Thankyou
  20. jack6480

    Zuidberg weight carrier

    One of them zuidberg weight carrier things to bolt my 6480 weights to Thankyou

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