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    Wall tie / patress plates for an old barn

    Got an old brick barn with the front wall slowly splaying outwards near a window - the floor joist is slowly coming out of the brickwork so needs fixing. Builder suggests fit couple of wall ties alongside the joists to hold the front & back wall together then lintel over window inside. Question...
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    Opposing England Coastal Path proposed route

    Hi all, I couldn’t see any threads running on this but it must be affecting a lot of us with coastal farms? Natural England are working around the country proposing a public access walking route for a nationwide coastal path. From their manner and letter this seems to be obligatory and forces...
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    Connecting a second hydraulic side knife

    Hello gents, I want to fit the second hydraulic side knife which I’ve had sat in the shed for years and I’m head scratching... Are the two hydraulic motors normally connected in series, with the output from motor 1 feeding into motor 2? I wondered if the back pressure would damage the 1st...
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    Lancaster to Kent? (cherry picker)

    Evening gents, would anyone be able to transport a cherry picker from Lancaster j33 M6 down to near j5 on M2 please? Thanks, 07762568090
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    3 phase fan motor question

    Hi, before I rip into this and send the motor for rewinding, can I run this past you guys please? As I see it, the fan motor isn't starting in star but when relays change to delta it ramps up. So I press start and on 3 wires down to motor off the star relay I've got 240V available on 3 phases...
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    Shed below yard level - land drain options?

    Hello all, I need advice on the best way to stop a wet floor please! The yard is on a gradient and so the machinery shed (75x45) has one long side and part of the back which is 3' below yard level with a soil bank graded down to near the side of shed. The shed floor is just hardcore / crushed...
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    Drilling beans after sewage cake application ?

    Hi, please could anyone clarify if i'm okay to drill spring beans after ploughing in digested sewage cake? I'm not in an NVZ and I can't see it in cross compliance but thought i remembered this being a no-no ? Cheers

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