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  1. shumungus

    Dribble Bar vs Trailing Shoe.

    Right , I know this has been covered before partly by other threads. But here in NI we are in the process of having spreadplate banned in stages over the next couple of years so it's time to change systems. So on the back of a 2500gal tanker, all grassland farm, no dairy (so slurry not water)...
  2. shumungus

    Faucheux (MF 915) loader pins and bushes.

    Has anyone a source for pins and bushes for above loader off the shelf? TIA.
  3. shumungus

    McConnell hedgecutter brackets.

    I know nothing about hedge cutters. If you had a set of McConnell hedge cutter brackets on a tractor would they be model specific or would they fit any McConnell hedgecutter?
  4. shumungus

    Flexicoil front packer parts.

    As above need a plastic wear strip for the steering bit, had a look online, no joy. Where do I get it? I'm in NI.
  5. shumungus

    Post Driver Winch

    Does anyone know the size/model number of the winch for tightening wire put on the protech post drivers or any other make? Also anyone using them what distance do you get from the remotes? TIA
  6. shumungus

    Welding lift arm.

    Have to weld an end onto lift arm of tractor. Have all the toys and would like to do it myself. am proficient in MIG and MMA all positions. Haven't stick welded in years and everything is usually in the workshop and migable. Would like to stick weld it and had a poke in the store and I have...
  7. shumungus

    Farm jeep wish list ( aka the Ineos Grenadier Farm R&D thread)

    OK, it would appear that someone of influence in the new Grenadier vehicle has been made aware of us and is paying attention is that not so @CPF . If so this is a first class opportunity for us to get our ideas straight to the right people. So put your ideas on here of practical / beneficial...
  8. shumungus

    JCB parts price WTF

    Needed set of seals (4 o rings) for the solenoid valve controlling the quick hitch on my js145. From JCB part no. 25/220533 price £104.65 vat inc. After falling over and getting back up again went to local seal / bearing men were they had seals to the exact same measurements, they charged me £3...
  9. shumungus

    McConnel Rhino rubber drive

    Morning all, out of pure laziness can someone point me in the direction of a cheap place to get rubber drive doughnuts for a 9 ft McConnell Rhino ? Don't want to ring local dealer as may need both my kidneys moving forward. TIA.
  10. shumungus

    Ultimate baler / sled / grab combo.

    Here in my part of the world all small square balers are mostly of circa 1970's vintage, and the whole flat eight thing never seemed to take off. So after having spent another evening watching a painfully slow baler plod around a field with rain clouds looming in the distance got me thinking. If...
  11. shumungus

    One cow milking machine.

    Question for the assembled dairy men from a suckler man. One cow Milker for emptying out hefted cows, any use? Do's and don'ts? Where to buy? TIA.
  12. shumungus

    Welly boot for a thinner leg.

    Ok junior (11) needs a pair of Wellingtons. He's doing a days work every day so needs a decent boot but he's about to start growing so don't want to spend a fortune. The biggest issue with his present boots (dunlop purfort) is his leg looks like a mouse tail in a jam jar and his boots fill with...
  13. shumungus

    Question for the fencers.

    There are two sizes of strainrite crimp wire jointers 1.6mm to 2.5mm and 2.5mm to 3.15mm. Which are best for jointing 2.5mm HT plain wire? And yes I can tie wire knots and pull, join and tension past the limits of timber and fastenings but I haven't used these before and am going to try box...
  14. shumungus

    Rare praise.

    This was sent to me, never seen it before, thought I would share.
  15. shumungus

    Kane trailers paint.

    Anybody know a RAL code or is it a Ford blue? TIA
  16. shumungus

    Spalding topper blades.

    Need a set of blades for McConnell Rhino Topper, usually buy original but would like to give Spaldings a turn. What is thd quality of their blades like, or are there other places I should look to source blades? TIA.
  17. shumungus

    ROC price collapse?

    Have been hearing murmurs that the ROC price is about to poop itself as the big purchasers of these in industry aren't going to need them so much with the large downturn. Does anyone know anything about it?
  18. shumungus

    A D plant question.

    What is the general target pH for the mix going into an AD plant using poultry litter?
  19. shumungus

    Kawasaki Mule 3010 Question.

    Never seen the attraction to these type vehicles as already have a quad a good dog and a Landrover but there was one in my yard the other day and I must say I am converted and can see a use for it. Now the one that was in my was a 2004 3010 diesel mule very tidy with a metal cab and it is coming...
  20. shumungus

    MF 915 Loader parking stand.

    Am gathering up bits to start a little project involving a MF 915 loader. Has anyone dimensions/ photos of parking stands for this loader or a set of old stands lying about they would sell? as I have a loader but no stands. I have never used the loader so know nothing about the stands except I...

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