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  1. -chris-

    Fruit Picking Software

    Does anyone know of or use a barcode scanning system for recording labour productivity and production recording of mushrooms? The fruit based systems are very good in that each picker has a barcode he/she sticks on each unit they pick which is scanned on the full pallet etc. I'm looking for...
  2. -chris-

    Mlt627 transmission

    Is it common for these transmissions to get really hot after a little road work? The plate near the gearstick gets pretty hot and it's like sitting next to a radiator! Is there a filter etc that might need replacing? @acengineeing
  3. -chris-

    Heifer with swollen brisket

    One of our heifers suddenly developed a large lump under her right leg. We called the vet who stuck a needle in a few places and didn't really know what it was. It did bleed for a few hours after from one of the places. We gave her anti inflammatories for three days and thought it was going...
  4. -chris-

    JCB Tool carrier headstock to fit manitou mlt627

    Cherry headstock removed from a 2013 mlt627. Hydraulic locking ram has a new pin + 1 set of brackets Located near Norwich, Norfolk. £800 + VAT
  5. -chris-

    Small loader tractor

    Will soon be advertising a tractor in the classifieds and would like some ideas on a fair value? Not seen much like it advertised to compare it to! 2008 T6010 on new 13.6/38 tyres (fronts worn up) 5700 hours 2003 loader with new bushes in the euro/quicke headstock. Some battle scars on...
  6. -chris-

    Wanted 12 AngusX or BlueX heifer calves

    Looking for a dozen quality heifer calves to rear as suckler replacements. East Anglia
  7. -chris-

    Tighter TB Control measures from 6th April 2016

    Heard today that we will have to pay for a post movement test on our store cattle if they come from an annual testing area? Have I missed the thread about this or is it common knowledge?
  8. -chris-

    Acorn Services Tractor Parts

    Has anyone used the above for vintage tractor parts please, the prices look good but the website looks a bit home made. I am looking for a B414 cylinder head and they list them new at £208 +vat. Doesn't seem worth buying a second hand one even if I knew where to look...
  9. -chris-

    Charolais/Belgian Blue Herd dispersal

    My late grandfathers herd is to be sold at Norwich Livestock Market this Saturday (14th December). Most cows have a few months until they calve although a few have recently calved.
  10. -chris-

    Busy fools!

    A few of the threads on here lately have mentioned that we should be working smarter and not harder, in fact most jobs on our farm make sense practically but seem to have little economic benefit. I've read many posts here asking what to diversify into but what enterprises should we be avoiding...
  11. -chris-

    New Holland seat sensor

    Does anyone know how I can get to the "operator presence switch" so I can smash it into a million pieces. The alarm has been driving me crazy today, flashing parking light and more alarms when you want to use the PTO. Also causing problems with the forward/reverse shuttle. It looks to me like...
  12. -chris-

    Hand held GPS

    How much money would I have to spend to accurately measure part fields and ineligible features to 0.01ha? I doubt the iphone apps are going to be accurate enough but I wondered if garmin or other handheld devices would be suitable. Frontier have a quad with GPS to map areas, would this be a...
  13. -chris-

    Tyre Profile

    Looking at a new set of tyres and wondered if people had experienced any differences in performance/wear between tyres with the same width but different profile. I am looking at 520/85r38 and 520/70r38, the first obviously gives greater ground clearance and road speed but how would they compare...
  14. -chris-

    NH 6040 front suspension problem

    Has anyone had the front suspension on their NH pump up to full height every time you start the engine? Located the sensor near the front axle but it makes no difference when I move the sensor arm or unplug?
  15. -chris-

    Lely auto-glide 12m sprayer

    Good strong booms ideal for spraying paddocks and marshes. Pump works well and holds pressure without leaks. Would benefit from a new set of nozzles/filters. You can probably see from the photos that the metalwork is good but paintwork not so much. £750 + VAT We are about 10 miles SE of...
  16. -chris-

    24m Mounted Spayer options

    We currently spray 300 acres of cerials with a 12m hardi on a NH t6010 (13.6 38 tyres) but would like to make the leap to 24 meters. I'm not sure if the smaller tractor would cope with the extra weight especially in the wet but we also have a NH T6040 but no row crops yet. I've been looking...
  17. -chris-

    Help updating our cattle system please!

    Hi everyone, my dad and I have a mixed 400 acre farm in Norfolk and he is retiring (I think he means not doing so much) next year. I enjoy doing the majority of the arable work and amongst other things in the winter help dad with his 80ish beef cattle. The cattle are bought in as cheaply as...
  18. -chris-

    Wheat ears curling?

    Looks like our wheat ears are getting caught in the auricles causing them to curl over. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  19. -chris-

    Damp proofing concrete block wall

    We currently batten plastic sheets to the wall inside our old grainstore to prevent damp reaching the barley. I wondered if anyone has experience of a paint on sealant or waterproof render that could be used internally as a more permanant solution? Thanks

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