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    Buying in cattle when under Tb restriction

    We have had one clear test after losing a reactor. Was going to apply for a licence to buy some more cattle in just now. I think I read somewhere that In coming cattle will need to have been tested in the previous 30 days. Does anyone know if that’s still the case with cattle coming from...
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    Feeding suckled calves from now on

    Got some good Charolais calves out of good Simmental cows, just about to wean now, house the calves and turn the cows away for a couple of months all being well. Calves are on ad lib creep just now. Usually just tick them over winter on a couple of kilos of corn and decent silage, then turn...
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    Sheep wintering and holding numbers

    I’ve managed to get some dairy grazing for sheep on two different farms locally, one next door and the other about 5 miles away. How do people go about licensing movements and does this mean the dairy farmers have to keep records of my sheep going onto they’re holding. Don’t want to do it...
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    Slatted shed layout

    Morning everyone, Hoping to convert a current building 105ft x 55ft into a slatted sheep shed for in wintering ewes. Current floor is concrete. What would people suggest as the most suitable and efficient layout. Thanks very much
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    Head fly

    What do people put on tups heads to keep the fly’s off, seem quite bad just now on our stock rams. Tups had click a couple of weeks back. Just spot-on maybe? Cheers
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    Contiguous Tb Test

    We’ve been notified of a tb breakdown in the area which means which have to have a contiguous test as we are near neighbours. I have temporarily mislaid the letter, and was just wondering if we can still continue buying cattle in the meantime until the test is carried out in a few weeks time. In...
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    Turning a profit with cattle

    This thread could go on a while...... ? If you had £50k to put into cattle this autumn, what would you do. On an outstanding grassland farm that can grow cattle exceptionally through the grazing months and plenty of shed space. Buy weaned calves (dairy or harder done beef suckled calves) and...
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    Late calf registration

    To cut a long story short I was late registering one calf. A very genuine oversight, we’re usually very organised with a passport applications. Anyway, it’s new birthdate is a whole 10 days after it’s real birthdate. Which isn’t a life threatening problem in its self, however it’s a pedigree...
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    8 week fly protection

    What would people recommend for using on ewe lambs that will be shorn in 8/9 weeks time? Thanks
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    Store cattle growing contracts

    Has anyone any information on store cattle growing contracts and who might offer this. Got capacity to introduce quite a large number of cattle, grazing in the summer and wintered on fodder crops on very light land. Any information would be much appreciated. Want to introduce the cattle to...
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    FEC results

    I know this has been done a few times but just double checking. Lamb FEC results back from the vet, stronglye came back at about 200. I was under the impression that this is low and shouldn’t be drenched for yet. ???? But vet says Drench now with clear Drench. Many thanks
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    Heifer with little milk

    Hello there, Had a lim x blue heifer calve a week ago now. She’s got very very little milk and a big calf to feed, he’s just keeping going on her at the moment but he’s not getting full. What do you think the best course of action is? She’s inside at the moment but could turn out onto some nice...
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    Ewes worm/fluke/heamonchus

    hello there, Our ewes aren’t in as good fettle as usual (could just be down to this summers severe grass shortage). Also there’s the odd one doing a bit of coughing and a few dirty bums which is unusual. Had a FEC test done coming back with moderate worm level. Is this enough to be a problem...
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    New lean-to

    Hello there, Going to cover a handling system with a lean to. 105ft long x 28ft wide mono pitch, hanging off the side of an existing building. 8ft to eaves on the low side. Open sides, just Yorkshire boarded to the eaves on each end. Any idea of the price for the kit building only.? Waiting...
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    Stone size for sheep handling yards

    This might be better in the Livestock section... Planning a new set of sheep handling pens in a block of ground away from home. What are people’s opinions on the best type/size of stone? These pens will have quite heavy use so want them to be free draining etc. There will be part concreted...
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    Changing from AHA to FBT

    Hi folks. I am currently a second generation tenant with my son set to take over as I retire. From our end, we think all succession tests will be satisfied for him to take over the AHA tenancy. Landlords have offered us the next door unit, which would double our farm size. But they want us to...
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    Painted field gates

    anyone know where painted field gates can be bought these days? Don’t want galvanised on this particular area. Thankyou
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    Stone quantity

    hello there, Having a dispute this end regarding how much stone is required for a pad. Area is 9 x 40 metres 200 Mm of 70mm stone in the bottom 100 Mm of 40mm stone to finish the top off. How much of each is required? Much appreciated
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    Land reclamation

    Hi there. We’ve about 15 acres of land that needs re draining and hundreds of 6-8inch diameter trees need removing so we can reclaim this area and get it back into full production. Used to be good productive peat land until spuds were grown on it . And large environmental payments have seen the...
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    Quicke Q45 loader problem

    Question from a simple stockman. Quicke loader not lifting or crowding back when there’s weight in the bucket, fine when empty. Plenty of oil in the tractor. Just filters need changing perhaps? Many thanks

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