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  1. trev7530

    Structural Drawings

    Can someone recommend a company that can supply drawings for steel frame buildings?
  2. trev7530

    Timber purlins on industrial

    Can you use Timber purlins on an industrial steel frame building?
  3. trev7530

    Isuzu DMax re-map

    Isuzu DMax 2.5, thinking about getting it re-mapped, anyone done it? Anyone recommend any company’s, was thinking Quantum or pendle.
  4. trev7530

    Kubota f2400

    I’ve got a new to me Kubota f2400 out front mower, can anyone tell me what oil goes in the transmission, rear axle and hubs please?
  5. trev7530

    Agricultural Tie Removal

    Not sure if this is the right place, but we currently live in an ag tie property, and wanted to speak to someone about getting the tie lifted, can anyone recommend a company?
  6. trev7530

    Sgs pro fuel kit

    Anyone got one, how much roughly, anyone one here supply these kits?
  7. trev7530

    Machinery paint

    Just bought a new machine, turned up 4 months late, paint work isn’t great, it was supposed to be custom built, but looks like it was modified after being painted, then re-painted, but there’s lots of runs in the paint work, is this acceptable?
  8. trev7530

    Small hydraulic driven compressor.

    Anyone know where to get one, needs to be relatively small to go on a tracked post driver?
  9. trev7530

    RVW Pugh

    Interested in a machine from R V Pugh Powys, obviously there quite big and should be good to deal with, but anything to worry about?
  10. trev7530

    Auto quad

    Looking for a second hand automatic quad bike, Suzuki, Yamaha or Honda 450+ cc. Pm with any details.
  11. trev7530

    High strength box section

    Has anyone used any high strength box section or have any knowledge of it, got small engineering project where I need the strength but also need to keep the weight down. Domex seem to do box sections, just need to find out more about it and find a supplier. Any help would be great.
  12. trev7530

    Curved roof sheets

    Got a customer who’s got a curved roof Nissan hut, we need to replace some of the sheets, can you still get curved galvanised sheets?
  13. trev7530

    Paint Supplier

    Looking for good quality 2 pack machinery paint, can anyone recommend a good supplier? Thanks
  14. trev7530

    Sorghum cover crop

    What does everyone drill this with, I’m guessing I can’t drill it with a maize drill?
  15. trev7530

    Wanted 20’ low loader

    Looking for a 20’ low loader ( including beaver) mini super singles, air brakes and ideally checker plate floor, anything around?
  16. trev7530

    Norton Trailers

    Has anyone bought one recently, what’s people’s thoughts on them?
  17. trev7530

    Suzuki 450 AXI

    Seen a cheap ish Suzuki 450 AXI, don’t know a lot about them, are they any good? Think it’s 2009 model, anything to be wary of?
  18. trev7530

    20’ Low loader

    Looking for a 20’ (including beaver) low loader trailer. Pm any details
  19. trev7530

    Low loader

    Looking at getting a low loader trailer, with 20’ (including beaver tail) Would need to travel at 50k, looking at herbst, and like the look of the AW, any other recommendations?
  20. trev7530

    6 stud trailer wheels and tyres

    Looking at a tandem axle trailer with 6 stud axles, can this travel at 50k, would only be upto 10 miles, are there other wheel/tyre options? Thanks

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