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    Bucket time grab

    I want to but a bucket grab for cleaning out manure from cattle sheds. Has anybody got advise on what to look out for? Seen Sonorol brand on DoneDeal. Tks in advance.
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    Terminal in JD

    It’s connects to my home internet but can u use the terminal to display internet data or can one hook up an iPhone to it to use its big screen.
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    Diesel container

    i bring 4 20l drums of diesel to wherever my digger is on the land and transfer it with the transfer pump. Was wondering about those new 200L plus plastic containers some of which have a ad blue compartment, hoses pumps and croc clips to do same. Are some better than others? There are quite a...
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    Auto steer and Itec on Jd

    is it possible to have “resume auto steer” as an ITEC step? Can’t see how but can’t see why not!
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    New Holland 376 Baler feeder chain link

    The NH 376 broke the feed chain and link last summer. Need to fix it up but was wondering about getting the chain, what length and can one make up the link that joins the chain? For an old Baler I don’t want buying new parts worth more than the Baler. Any ideas? Tks
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    Power Harrow

    I have a kuhn 3003 that required open heart surgery last year. I never would have thought that to replace a bearing and seal that one would have to dismantle the entire power harrow into pieces. Is there a heavy duty harrow that does not require that level of work to maintain a wearing part. It...
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    Machinery shed question

    having just built a machinery storage shed was wondering if I should seal and paint the floor? The floor is powerfloated so what to do?

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