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  1. tanker

    National Poetry Day

    Wasn't sure where to put this,but a lovely little poem by Dick King Smith I came by on Twitter,it's new to me but the subject is familiar to many of us, crappy wellingtons..
  2. tanker

    Kerosene contamination..

    Some of you in Wales and maybe further afield will have seen on the news the closing of the A48 dual carriageway (a main arterial route from Cork to Moscow no less) because of a fractured pipeline which has sent 200,000l+ of aviation fuel down a small river. Sad to report that we're the worst...
  3. tanker

    Matbro up in smoke..

    In a rather familiar fashion another TS 270 has gone up in flames,this one was a replacement for one that went up 12 years ago though this time I was sat in her when I saw the flames,didn't need Red Bull to give me wings to get the hell out of it when I realised. I'm wondering where I could...
  4. tanker

    Low FPD in milk..

    Out of nowhere we've had a succession of very low FPD tests in our milk in May,we get the occasional one if the parlour hasn't been drained properly but when 503,504 turn up as results we started to jump about.It's not the bulk tank or tank washer,we take pains to drain every drop from the plant...
  5. tanker

    Youngstock housing..

    I'm wondering how farmers out there house their replacements after they've come off milk.What's the youngest you have them in cubicles for example and how many groups have you got to manage.There's lots of work involved with them here and there isn't the funds to employ anyone at present so...
  6. tanker

    An interesting article..the first French 'mega-dairy'..

    As the title...might create some response..
  7. tanker

    Charity Sheep theft..

    This may have been posted already,apologies if so..It's pretty low obviously but maybe someone can help the charity or maybe the police..

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