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  1. J

    kidney stones

    does anyone want a kidney stone one careful owner
  2. J

    poultry farm

    hi everybody. I was looking to either rent or enter a profit share agreement on a poultry farm preferably broiler unit. It may suit someone wanting to spend more time doing other things without having to worry about poultry unit. any area considered, pm me if interested. thanks for reading my...
  3. J

    poultry farm wanted

    hi all, I am looking for a poultry farm either to rent or a profit share agreement it may suit someone that wants to spend there time doing something else and not having to worry about poultry. if anyone want to discuss this further please pm me.
  4. J

    broiler farm wanted

    hi I would like a poultry site either in a farm share agreement or possible rent. also I would family accommodation on or near the site. anyone interested please pm me and location considered.
  5. J

    experienced broiler manager

    I am a experienced broiler manager also knowledge of duck and geese looking for a interesting position or farm share or possible renting a farm. any location considered but would need family accommodation. anybody that's interested PM me I look forward to hearing from you .
  6. J

    POULTRY FARM WANTED to rent or a farm share

    hi I am a experienced broiler farm manager looking for a poultry farm to rent or in a farm share agreement preferable with at red tractor standard . would need accommodation any area considered. please get in touch to discuss.

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