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    Camera cable adapter

    Is it possible to get an adapter to join these two cables together
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    Annual ryegrass

    We sowed some annual tetraploid ryegrass last September and cut it at the end of October . It was fertilised in January and we mowed it today and will be baled tomorrow. Is it worth fertilising again or will it not produce enough to justify the cost
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    24m Sprayer Booms

    We have a Cleanacres SP sprayer and the booms are getting past there best. I was just wondering what would the cost of replacing them with new or very good second hand be. Not looking for a fancy set just a reliable set
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    Maize lying flat

    What's people's opinion of the best way to cut a crop of maize lying over
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    Class 2800 Liner

    Can someone help us please. One of the pipes that goes to the ram for adjusting the working width has burst up in the arm. The ram seems to be held in place by a pin but the pin seems to be held in place by split pins inside the arm and can't be got at easily. Do we need to take the whole rotor...
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    Auto Float on New Holland Combine

    We've got a problem with the Auto Float on our not working on our New Holland CS The stubble height and the pressure settings both work but the Auto Float won't. The heads been calibrated and stubble height set but when the head set to Auto Float nothing happens when you press the button. Can...
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    New Holland CS640

    Just a simple question does anyone know anything about them in terms of what to look out for when buying one and their output acres/hour?

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