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  1. Newby

    Bale/General Purpose Trailer For 100HP Tractor

    I'm looking for a trailer for leading bales but also general purpose flat trailer jobs, I've got a 100HP tractor and there are no hills for miles around. I'm a relative newcomer to all things tractor and trailer, it's never been my department before. What length and width do I look for?
  2. Newby

    Section 1/fac shotgun

    Ideal for when wild boar get to our neck of the woods
  3. Newby

    Home made Pig Food

    I'd say in theory yes, if you were getting them in as stores and didn't want to finish them too quickly. You'll struggle to get the protein up enough using only peas, as they are anti nutritive to pigs at high levels. The silage will provide belly fill and a bit extra to stop them running to fat...
  4. Newby


    According to the British Pig Association the last one they registered was on the 18/05/1984 A boar named Bridgeworth Baron 34
  5. Newby

    What's the best way to actually turn a profit with pigs?

    What sort of numbers are you talking? Small, medium and huge are very subjective depending on who you speak to.
  6. Newby

    Pig scours

  7. Newby

    What was the first farm animal you owned ?

    I too started with pet lambs but I used to pay a quid a piece for them.
  8. Newby

    Snail farming

  9. Newby

    Cull boars/sows

    Don't know about your area but in mine the majority go through live markets mostly going to the big sow buyers. Latest prices. Hull Cull Sows to 40.0p/kg and £118.90, average 38.2p/kg. Cull Boars to 50.0p/kg and £93.00, average 42.7p/kg. York Sows Top price this week from D Angus at 44p/kg...
  10. Newby

    Freerange pig breeds

    Are you selling privately or in the mart?
  11. Newby

    Freerange pig breeds

    Your end market dictates your sire choice, for instance selling live the Pietrain will always be king as they're buying on visual appearance only, most pigs in my area that go direct to slaughter, mostly on B&B contracts are Hampshire sired, as they are robust, disease resistant, grow like mad...
  12. Newby

    Freerange pig breeds

    How many sows are you talking?
  13. Newby

    AI a pig / First time, anything I should know?

    How many sows do you have to serve?
  14. Newby

    Working Kelpi wanted

    I have a kelpie x collie bitch born Jan 16, sired by the kelpie in the attached photo, lightly started but we sold our sheep autumn 17. She's wasted here and so free to a good working home, located southeast of York but will meet up somewhere within reason.
  15. Newby

    B and B pigs

    His situation sounds very similar to yours, older buildings requiring modernisation, he had a muck for straw deal with arable man next door and a borehole. His lad just turned 18 and doesn't want to farm, too much work to do on his own but not enough money to employ a stockman.
  16. Newby

    B and B pigs

    I've been to view a unit that was set up as an older farrow to finish unit, the owner converted the whole to 35kg to finish at considerable cost to go on contract with BQP, and to cut a long story short the unit it now for sale after only having 3 batches go through, with the owner quoting...
  17. Newby

    Easycares and blowfly

    What's the Welsh for less? As in wool-less?
  18. Newby

    Store pigs

    Not just Selby but store pigs in general! Sraw is too dear, feed is going up, fat price has been better.
  19. Newby

    Store pigs

    Selby every other Saturday

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