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  1. ridger

    Used Potato Boxes

    Where did u get the magnet? Thats what's putting me off burning mine all the nails
  2. ridger

    oil out of exhaust

    Needs a day's hard work
  3. ridger

    Fluke in cattle

    Got a report from aphis saying that out of the last 12 cattle i killed, 5 had liver fluke. What is a good dose, preferably a pour on with a short meat withdrawal?
  4. ridger

    4-500 Used Potato Boxes

    Better with new ones. I have always regretted buying used ones. They are OK the first year then have casualties every year then
  5. ridger

    Ivermectin , covid cure

    I have almost stopped listening the radio. Every day the same crap. For a year
  6. ridger

    Self employed gov grant

    If I was an investigator I'd be going to you first, since you don't know if you need the money or not. Just sayin
  7. ridger

    Ford 8040 SLE Lift problem

    Wouldn't worry about losing oil, mine loses a litre to the acre when destoning but not much the rest of the year so its handier to buy a drop of oil
  8. ridger

    Ford 8040 SLE Lift problem

    I thought it was 10 that you set draft too
  9. ridger

    Trima +4.1 removal

    No experience with a trima, but with my sigma I put bucket flat on the ground and push it down ever so slightly to get loader boom loose on the sub frame then roll up bucket
  10. ridger

    One for Fiat/New Holland experts 110/90

    Never seen a grey one, our 2002 is black
  11. ridger

    Total Lockdown?

    They could. No problem. At least over here anyway.
  12. ridger

    Total Lockdown?

    I'd like to see supermarkets closed this time to give smaller shops a chance
  13. ridger

    Total Lockdown?

    Been like that here all year
  14. ridger

    Total Lockdown?

    What is he supposed to do. No matter what he does someone finds fault. I think he is doing the best that he can
  15. ridger

    fiat agri tractors ?

    If it was here the cab would be completely rotten at that age. Would think any of the 4 cylinder ones would be the same length for loader brackets
  16. ridger

    fiat agri tractors ?

    What age or size,
  17. ridger

    Potato price 2018

    Was once told that it doesn't matter what it is, too much is worse than too little. Too many potatoes, need more staff, bigger shed, more boxes, more dry weather. Too many cows, need bigger shed, more slurry space more silage etc. Put on too much weight, need stronger chair to carry you etc...
  18. ridger

    Potato price 2018

    This thread seems to illustrate the difference in processing and packed potatoes, when one is going well the other isn't.
  19. ridger

    Potato price 2018

    Potatoes are moving reasonably well at the minute because restaurants and hotels are mostly closed, so people are cooking at home. Should get more moved now if schools stay closed, that will be a bigger dinner each day :cool:
  20. ridger

    Steps to get onto trailer

    I'm on a budget :(

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