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  1. Henery

    Excellent as ever from Harry Metcalf

    Harry Metcalf making some excellent points about grass based meat production.
  2. Henery

    After stubble turnip's

    Westerwolds based mix, grows like stink, cheap and reliable to establish, multiple grazings, responds well to N..... Tough to beat in this situation.......
  3. Henery

    150000 head feed it a factory farm ?
  4. Henery

    What Pick Up Truck...?

    Big mistake to buy a new manual truck, going to be hard to sell down the line..... so much nicer to drive and way better towing machine.
  5. Henery

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Local calf supplier / dealer regularly takes Bobby slaughter calves to a plant that takes the hind quarters off , marinades them in mint garlic etc..... stickes it on a spit that stands upright and bingo ........ 🤢🤢
  6. Henery

    What Pick Up Truck...?

    There’s a Ranger 3.2 local to me that’s done under 17k miles and keeps going into limp mode, has been plugged in at dealer and they can’t find stored fault code , driving the bloke mad.... thinks it’s an Adblue issue.
  7. Henery

    Mole Catchers

    We had a mess here, bought 40 traps from a local who was giving up , watched some YouTube, talked to some “experts” and had a go. Caught 98 this year, clears some bad patches up but plenty more to do. I really enjoy trapping the little sods, it’s quite fascinating. Definitely too wet at the...
  8. Henery

    Best machine for grassland overseeding?

    Had great results with Vaderstad just cutting Seward and dropping seed in , drilled it twice at half rate then rolled...... Vad can travel pretty fast and gets over ground. Don’t think it matters much what method you apply, as long as you have seed to soil contact and it rains pretty soon after...
  9. Henery

    vegan protests at marts

    I’m surprised they don’t take a day trip to beautiful West Wales and hold up a Mart there 🤔. Or perhaps their vegan principles don’t run to getting the sort of welcome I suspect they would be on the receiving end of .....😂😂
  10. Henery

    Empty shearlings at scanning

    A good policy is that they must lamb, not necessary to rear a lamb, that’s a bonus... otherwise your encouraging lower fertility in the flock... simples....👍
  11. Henery

    Calf rearing

    Have done much calf rearing over the years.... calves from all over so problems and more problems.... Better calves are easier reared in general but you can still buy in a load of grief... I found the most likely way to not loose money is to rear bull calves, castrated, and sell as stores to...
  12. Henery

    Scrambler motor bike as a Christmas present

    Helmet, boots, gloves and body armour absolute minimum ... non negotiable! ! Starting with a trials bike is a great idea.... learn some basic bike handling skills and gain some confidence......and hope all this doesn’t develop into road bikes.... It’s a drug 😍
  13. Henery

    Classics Earning their keep.

    The problem is that it won’t go into high range and the splitter doesn’t work.... it’s a very clean tractor under 8 k hours so seems right to fix it properly. Gone to Ibbetts.....
  14. Henery

    Classics Earning their keep.

    Washed off and ready to go for gearbox surgery.... looking forward to having it in full working order and giving her some exercise.
  15. Henery

    New toy day

    Managed to get these rep two home ..... quite pleased 😎
  16. Henery

    Getting oily sludge out of cooling system?

    We are going to try a new heat exchanger on our Merlo 40.7 engine. The cooling system must have a load of gunk and sludge in it. One suggestion was to put washing powder in with water to move the oil ? any thoughts welcome.
  17. Henery

    Sheep health advice

  18. Henery

    Merlo 40.7 getting oil and water mixed ( deutz engine)

    We’re having a bit of a mare at the moment. Merlo has 10k hrs, pushing oil water mix out of header tank. Anyone know how to isolate the water side of the heat exchanger, try and prove whether is exchanger or head gasket ? Has been suggested exchanger is most likely culprit but would be nice to...
  19. Henery

    MB trac gearbox repair

    I’ve seen some scary asking prices ( asking and getting different I know) for MB tracs, what’s a 84 1000 with sub 9 k hrs worth, with a functional gearbox..... V straight and tidy....only ever been spraying.

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