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  1. Tubbylew


    Came across this channel a while back, much better than countryfile, and really well produced stuff
  2. Tubbylew

    Interesting article An interesting 2 minute read
  3. Tubbylew

    Jd 6600 trouble code

    Evenin all, could anyone give me a clue as to the following code on a late 6600, and also how to clear it, code is Ser2, appears before hours appear on start up, thanks in advance, @Tractortech , @NZ Tech
  4. Tubbylew


    Looks like waitrose have been a bit err...creative with some of their labels
  5. Tubbylew

    grass seed

    Just thinking about reseeding 10 acres, for grazing by mainly sheep and cutting for hay, aftee a four/ five year ley on herefordshire clay, would like some reasonably persistant red clover in it also. Thanks for looking.
  6. Tubbylew

    Split chestnut fencing

    100 metres split chestnut, 3 rail fencing, delivered to Herefordshire.
  7. Tubbylew

    Fowl house

    Any recommendations for a small fowl house? Mrs Tubbylew wants half a dozen hens to keep the kiddies busy. I did suggest that farther's car had more than a passing resemblance, apparently that's not acceptable. Also suggested making one, "I'll be eighty by the time it's finished" was her reply...

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